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Civil Unrest Had Broken Out – Melisa May

Civil Unrest Had Broken Out

October 23, 2019
Melisa May

Dream given J Cooper 10/23/19

My husband had a dream last night. We were attending our church which is in the town next to us ⛪️. Church was over and we didn’t have a car for some reason and we had to wait for our ride to get there. The rest of the church had to wait for a specific time to leave( and my husband heard safe place) because civil unrest had broken out.

Our ride finally arrived and it was a very old White dodge van. When it arrived we and a few others from the church ran to the van. My husband heard people yelling “ Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump…..” People were shooting hunting arrows at the van and they wanted to kill us. These arrows were piercing the van.

We began our drive home. The driver seemed unconcerned and at peace. As we were driving we saw people with guns, shooting them off. We saw people with weapons of all kinds and they were yelling “Trump, Trump, Trump….” My husband asked the driver how our town was as far as the civil unrest . The driver said “Your town is fine. I am taking you Home now.”

My interpretation:

Something is going to happen to Trump. It’s going to start civil unrest in United States. The white van was “the escape” and the driver was Jesus taking us Home.” Y’all better be ready to for what is to come. My moms vision prior to Trumps election was the same. She saw civil unrest and then knew Jesus was coming shortly after. As always take all of me and my husbands dreams to the Lord.

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