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Churches being destroyed – Paulo Chico Francisco

Churches being destroyed

Jan 25, 2020 3:20 AM
Paulo Chico Francisco
Translated from Portugese

I could see a vision – Brother Paulo Chico from Mozambique

When we entered the year 2020 I had a vision when I prayed on the night of 31-12 2019.


it was not a dream it was something that happened in me and that I could see:

I saw temples (churches) being destroyed where people worshiped was destroyed was a huge destruction that came over temples.

I can understand that there will still be a great persecution around the world. The church of the Lord Jesus Christ will pray because when these things happen they will often know that the Lord has warned.

Brother Paulo Chico Francisco.

Original Portuguese Below

Eu pude ver uma visao – Irmão Paulo chico de Moçambique

 Quando entravamos para o ano de 2020 tive uma visão quando orava na noite de 31-12 de 2019.

não foi sonho foi algo que passou em mim e que eu pude ver:
Vi templos(igrejas) sendo destruídas onde as pessoas adoravam foi destruído era uma enorme destruição que vinha sobre templos .
 Consigo entender que ainda virá uma grande perseguição por mundo inteiro. A igreja do Senhor Jesus Cristo ore porque quando acontecer essas coisas com freqüência saberão que o Senhor avisou.
Irmão Paulo Chico Francisco.

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  1. Michelle Downey

    Judgement begins at the house of God

  2. Back a few years ago when the tornadoes started leveling towns all over the US, I thought it was very interesting to note how so many news clips showed pictures of the damage which seemed to always include the churches of each town, usually hit worse than anything else in town! And then the news crew would often stop & take pics of what was left of one of the churches for their story. What a message they served, probably without even realizing it! rick

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