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April 10, 2022 12:38 AM
Brother Moses
He will not forsake His saints
Psalm 37:28

April 10,2022

Words from the Lord.

My son, I knows the end from the begining. Before anything or event occurs I already knows about it, for I the Lord have ordained it of old. Everything that will happen in the future are in my hand. Nothing happend by chance or by mistake.

Today I will give you a glimpse of what will be happening upon these world very soon before my coming. A great famine is coming upon all the nations of the earth. A famine so terrible that it has never happened since the history of man or will ever happen again. There will be a great economic shut down, fuel scarcity and the price of goods and products will increase so much that a day wage cannot be able to feed a single person. Food will be scarce in many nations and criminality will be at its pick. Money will become worthless, for food will be scarce in the land. People shall strugle to survive and your governments will not be able to do anything about it.

This is the black horse spoken of in the revelation. This famine is already being felt by many now and will intensify in the coming days. I the Lord will not forsake my children in these time of great distress, but I will provide for all My children that put their trust in me. I will multiply the little that they have as I did several times in My word. Do not fear my children, only put your trust in me and I will lead you through these period of great famine.

My son another pandemic is coming. A deadly plague that is worst than the covid. This plague is manmade as the covid is, for the purpose is to prepare the world for the  new world order as it is called by the global elite who serve and worship the devil. A world order where the mention of my name will be considered as illegal, prayer, Church service and the reading of my word will be seen as an act worthy of death or inprisenment.

My children, immidatley these deadly plague is let loose it will spread round the globe in great speed more faster than the covid and kills its victims fast. Dead bodies will be seen on the streets and another total lockdown will be declared worldwide. Many nations will impose martial law upon its citizens in other to intensify the lock down. Mandetly vaccination willl be legalized by many nations and every one who tries to resist it will be punished, imprisened or beheaded.

I warned many of my children through several of my servants, not to take the covid vaccine, but many refused to listen to my warnings and went ahead to recieve it, there by giving up there will over to the enemy. Everything you see happening round the world have already being planned by my enemy. he is fighting very hard to take as many as possible with him to eternal destruction, for he knows that his time is very short about to end. It grieves my heart that many of my children trust science which works only to decieve humanity than in my word. Many of my children lives their life as if I am no more coming back and as if they will never die or that thay still have many years to live on earth. Not knowing that their life on earth is but a moment before me.

My children never you take the covid vaccine, for it is not an ordinary vaccine. Even if it will cause you your life never you take it! Whatever you see happening is only preparing the stage for the enthronement of the antichrist and their false new world order. Stand your ground and do not walk in the way of the multitude, but follow the narrow way that leads to heaven. I will be with you even in your darkest moment when you think that all hope is lost, for I am your hope and your exceeding great reward.

A great darkness is coming upon the whole earth. Very dark and terrible, but my light will shine brightly upon the paths of all my children who are in relationship with me.

The nation of America will experience my wrath, for her cup of iniquity is full. My judgment shall come upon America and I will punish her for all the abomination she has commited against me. She has polluted many with sexual pervasions and great atrocities is being commited daily by her. My children in America who bears my light in them will be secured by my mighty hand as I punish this pervase and harotly nation which have turned her back from me with the rod of my judgment. Your world power shall be taken away from you.

My bride (the true church) shall see my judgment upon the nations, which will also be use to wake up the sleeping church. A great hearvest of souls is coming and shortly after this, I shall come with great speed to gather My children who are watching and waiting for my return to my kingdom of great glory and beauty beyound human imagination. Then shall the great tribulation fall upon the whole earth and the lukeworm church, left behind for their love of the world. My bride (the true church) is not appointed unto wrath.

My children, this is the time to build an intimate relationship with me. You only have a few time left to prepare for either an eternity with me your God in Heaven or an eternity with my enemy in the lake of fire that burns with brime stone. CHOOSE THIS DAY WHO YOU WILL SERVE.


Coordinating Scriptures

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Rev 6:5-8
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Brother Moses.


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