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Chipped Humans As Beasts Covered In War Paint On The Prowl – Only a Grain of Sand

Chipped Humans As Beasts Covered In War Paint On The Prowl

June 15, 2020 10:47 AM
Only A Grain Of Sand

Last night I had a short dream but it was intense. Chipped humans were in the landscape stripped to the waist and covered in war paint. Black was rubbed on their body and faces, from charred trees or burned things, and red from the blood of their victims, that they had devoured. These monsters were cannibals. Suddenly I felt a frozen horror cover my body, the evil one was trying to attack me. I physically shuddered and forced myself to wake-up as it was too oppresive.

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  1. Hannah Silver

    Thank you so much for sharing your dream. It’s not the length of the dream or word that counts, it’s the obedience to God asking you to share it, while the devil whispers “It’s just a stupid dream. No one cares.”

    Oh yes, yes they do. There are some things certain people need to hear, and God can work mighty things with that.

    Thank you Brother (or Sister) ☺️

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