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Chinese Invasion – Miss V.

Chinese Invasion

Oct 3, 2019, 10:17 PM
Miss V.

Hi, this is the first time I’ve ever submitted a dream or a word from the Lord. However, I have on many occasions had dreams that within a short amount of time came true. Everything from a relative being pregnant before they announced it, to my godson scoring top 1% in his SAT tests before he had even taken the test. All came true.

Now, my dream this morning October 3rd, 2019 between the hours of 3:45 and 8:30 AM. I went to bed early last night around 9:30. Listening to Neville Goddard and relaxing healing music. I awoke around 3:20, very bizarre time to wake up. Too early to get up, so I took an Advil PM to get back to sleep. I had an extremely vivid dream of an invasion of some kind. I was surrounded by Asians, which I felt innately were Chinese. Everyone was Chinese but me. We were told to run, hide quickly. I was shown the horizon, about a half mile away and I saw hundreds of people? Soldiers? Running  towards the place ( storehouse or building) we were hiding. I looked everywhere for a place to hide. There were so many people you could barely move. We were packed like sardines in this warehouse. There was a ladder, no time or room to climb up. There were shelves, already filled with people. I saw shoes and sandals scattered everywhere! Then, someone  came to us and handed us baseball bats to use to defend ourselves. But I could not bring myself to hit someone with it. I was then approached by three caucasian men, swarthy types who led me into a small foreign car. I knew they had caught me. They were stern, rough and dark energy came from them. When we arrived at wherever they had taken me, I refused to get out. Overall, it was terrifying and extremely vivid. I felt like an alien in my own country. The absolutely most frightening thing was the utter sense of helplessness and the lack of humanity or compassion coming from those I was hiding with. It was every man for himself. People were ruthless.
The people cared only about themselves.
Miss V.

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  1. Tim

    Miss V.,

    I don’t know if you read comments or not, but this is for you.

    I read that you woke up at 3:20 a.m., and noted this was a “bizarre time” to wake up. Right away the Spirit told me to tell you, “read Revelation 3:20”, and pray to Him WHY He is telling you this.

    Vivid dreams such as these are ABSOLUTELY a sign from God, but the proper INTERPRETATION is the key. You were the only non-Chinese person in a large group of people (you wrote “soldiers?”, indicating you could not tell).

    I will NOT tell you MY interpretation, but I’ll give you a few hints, and you must ask the Lord for discernment.

    To you, they were ALL Chinese, which from the “stereotypical” American point of view would be “foreigners” or “strangers”. Yet, from their point of view, YOU would be the “foreigner/stranger”. Didn’t God tell the Israelites to leave the “corners of the fields” UNHARVESTED, so that the STRANGER, the widow, and the poor MAY GLEAN from it???

    Borrowing from Jesus’ teachings, what would happen if we DO NOT “love our neighbor as ourself”??? Of course, “we REAP WHAT WE SOW”. ((Also, don’t be the one who asks, “But Lord, who IS my neighbor?”))

    Therefore, pray why He would give you this dream of hordes of foreigners wreaking all sorts of havoc, and what He is saying about the state of the world. This is precisely why Jesus taught “Give them eyes to see, and ears to hear”.

    God bless you, Miss V.,

    A brother,

  2. Thomas Heward

    Miss V. did not mention the country that was invaded but did mention she was surrounded by Chinese.
    The dreams this woman’s dream was grouped with seem to primarily address an Invasion of America.

    So what country is this dreamer currently living in and what country was invading the country she was living in in her dream?

  3. Comment by post author

    Thomas: The invaded country in the dream is United States of America.

    I asked Miss V

  4. Rita

    @ Tim:

    I’ve seen stories of many people, having dreams of Chinese and Russian soldiers invading America!!! It’s coming!!!! I had a few dreams where the soldiers came early in the morning as I was still in my pyjamas, and another dream where I was in a car, and there were about 6 soldiers were outside the car had their guns pointed at us.

  5. Charlene

    Hi Miss V. I too dreamt of the Chinese here in the USA a night ago. They were in our Grocery stores watching us. I asked a Chinese person where is my shopping cart. Somehow it was gone. My Husband and I were then escorted to the downstairs of the supermarket where Chinese soldiers were doing mind control on American citizens with yellow and orange lights and people were screaming. My Husband and I said we got to get out of here. So we tried to escape up the stairs that we had come down from the supermarket and two huge Chinese’s wrestlers smashed my Husband and I between them. Then I woke up. I have also had a dream that the Chinese took over our houses and were telling us what we could and could not do.

  6. Rita

    Rise Of The Satanic Super-Soldier

    (There will be no loving these satanic soldiers! They will seek to kill and destroy!)

  7. Rita

    “Obamas Soldiers Shooting Children. Wake Up America”

  8. Tim

    @ Rita,

    I know full well that many people are receiving these kinds of dreams and visions, but I ask you where is your faith? Did Jesus not many times tell His very own CHOSEN DISCIPLES, “Oh, ye of little faith!!”?

    In 2nd Thessalonians we read that “God sends a STRONG DELUSION that many believe a lie.”

    Read about the prophet Micaiah (NOT Micah) in 1 Kings 22. He was the ONLY prophet to hear the true voice of God; the others all heard “lying spirits”.

    Jesus told us to rest in His peace, and that He would so like to gather us, like a mother hen gathers her chicks under her wings.

    Put ALL your faith in the Lord, and worry not what tomorrow may bring. Read Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount, Matthew Chapters 5 and 6.

    A brother in Christ,


  9. MissV

    Hi guys, sorry I am new to this website and this is the first time I’ve ever submitted anything so was not checking comments. Apologies! I live in Los Angeles, CA. For the record I have lived in an orthodox Jewish neighborhood for the past two years. I always thought God wanted and needed me here when the time came as He would need harvesters to witness and lead many to salvation. For the past 5 months God has literally blocked my income. I am a publicist with my own firm and most matter what I did to get new clients, nothing would go through. Even though I signed new clients with five figure co tracts, something g would happen to cause them to break the contract, melt down on set (in a media outlet studio) or just disappear. I felt cursed! Why God? Why? How am I supposed to keep a roof over my head and pay my bills? No matter how much I prayed, did spiritual warfare, the oppression would not lift. I could no longer make my credit card payments, or pay my rent $2,900 per month even for years it was always so easy. Just this week I finally understood why. God has shut down every Avenue to force me to leave Los Angeles. Once I understood, peace came over me. He wants me out of here. So I will leave within 10 days. Please pray for me. I will either go to Nor Cal where my parents are or CO where my brother is. I admit I was stubborn and stiff-necked and did not want to leave my own. I can only trust that His ways are much higher than mine. Pray for us all.

  10. David Mehew

    MissV – I’m originally from Delaware. After college (went t UD) I got involved with a spirit-filled church. I learned quite a lot from the people there, and had many coincidences & synchronicities while there. I’m not totally sure why I left, but I did think I needed to learn more about what churches actually believe. This particular church was modeled after the faith movement, and I found it highly encouraging (I’d just received the baptism of the Holy Spirit) I entered the military, although it was a kind of compromise as I really didn’t connect with the mindset ..I ended up in Iraq, telling God I would become a preacher or teacher if he’d get me out of there. I don’t think at this time that a “career” is something anyone should be focused on ..This country will be soon thrown into chaotic destruction and chaos. Get ready for fulfilling your assignment!

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