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Chinese Cultural Takeover Dreams – Liz Lau

Chinese Cultural Takeover Dreams

April 22, 2022 9:35 AM
Liz Lau

No More Time; Transparent Red “Moon”
December 29, 2020

I had 2 dreams on December 29, 2020. In the first one, I received:

There is no more time. Tell them.

This might have to do with covid vaccines because December 2020 was when they were first rolled out.

In the second dream, I saw two land masses separated by water, and these land masses were full of buildings. It reminds me of Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong. I don’t remember what the skyline looked like so it could be another city.

I saw what looked like a red moon in front of some buildings. This “moon” was transparent and I could see the buildings behind it. Now the moon cannot possibly be in front of buildings. If a red moon points to judgment, then a fake red moon may symbolize a man-made calamity.

Chinese Cultural Takeover

After I read Handmaid of the Most High’s post titled “URGENT: DANGER AHEAD: THE CHINESE ARE COMING! THE CHINESE ARE COMING! THE FIGHT FOR WORLD DOMINATION HAS BEGUN”, two old dreams about Chinese cultural takeover came to mind.

Dream – Language
(Probably 2020 or 2021)

I was a high school student in this dream. I was with a couple of English-speaking classmates and we found a small stone table to eat our food. The table was small and rough and there was no shade from the sun, so after a while we decided to go eat at a school cafeteria. For some reason we didn’t have our own cafetera, so we looked for another school nearby. We found one and tried to blend in with their students to get in, but it was pretty obvious we were outsiders because our school uniform was different. Some students noticed but didn’t say anything and the staff didn’t stop us, so we got in no problem. I noticed their school badge had the same colours as ours. I think it was red and yellow. Maybe the two schools were connected in some way and that was why they let us in?

The cafeteria had a prison-like setting. It had a high ceiling and there was a row of small windows close to the ceiling. There were no other windows and so you couldn’t look outside. A teacher saw us and moved us to an empty table away from others and watched us closely as if we were a potential threat. The cafeteria started to fill up and people had to sit next to us after all. My group continued to talk in English, but all the students in that school were conversing in fluent Mandarin even though none of them was Chinese! It was very odd. I don’t know what country that was. It could be in Europe. They all had dark brown hair. I was the only Chinese there and I caught a little of what the nearest ones were saying. They were just talking and joking like any other carefree teenagers. I acted as though I didn’t understand the language and the teacher eventually left, satisfied that we wouldn’t talk with them. I don’t remember if we did afterwards.

Dream – Indoctrination
Oct 26, 2020

I was in a class in this dream. The teacher was a stern, authoritative Chinese woman. My impression is she was trying to indoctrinate us with communism. The seating arrangement was strange. I was sitting at the back and there was a huge gap between me and the last row of the rest of the class. I was on the left side of the classroom, but there were no desks to my right. The teacher kept staring at me with hatred, waiting to find an excuse to pick on me, but I also knew she couldn’t do anything to me. I wonder if where I sat was some type of punishment corner.

Scene changed and I was sitting on the right side of the classroom. I was still at the back but now there was no gap between me and the last row. The girl in front of me wasn’t paying attention and the teacher saw that. She told the girl to repeat what she had just said, but she had said a lot and the girl couldn’t answer and just sat there. I knew what she had just said, but I made up my mind that if she asked me, I would only give her the last few words she said. I wouldn’t volunteer more than what was specifically asked for.

I think the main meaning of these Chinese dreams is quite clear but I don’t understand some of the details, like the school badge and the seating arrangement. I would appreciate if someone could interpet this. Thank you in advance for your help.

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