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China’s Invasion from the West Coast!! – Kevin C.

China’s Invasion from the West Coast!!

Jan 7, 2020 9:51 PM
Kevin C.


The Lord showed me today that it is time to release the dream I had of China invading America from the West Coast.

In this dream, I was on a huge Navy battle ship here on the east coast. The ship was facing north and south at the Navy base. Huge cannons facing east toward the Atlantic.The cannons had streamers over them and confetti was everywhere you looked. There were lots of people on this battle ship. Cheering and shouting in victory and respect to our troops who were leaving the base on other battle ships to go out to war.

We were sending our troops to the Middle East!! Hurray! We all shouted. We were so proud of all our troops going off to fight this war we were sure they could win!

Streamers and confetti all in the air as we shouted Goodbye!

As the battle ships full of soldiers got almost out of sight, I began to notice everything was facing East.
The cannons faced East on the ship we were on. Everybody on board this ship was on the East side facing East. All of our troops went East. No one, I mean no one at all was even looking back to the West. Our whole focus was to the East!

As the crowd kept cheering and throwing confetti and streamers, I turned around. To my supper, I could see all the way from Virginia to California!
As I looked to the West I could see black uniforms, soldiers heading right for this ship! It looked like ants! Thousands and thousands of them or more.
I thought I got to warn the people. So I desperately grabbed people beside me and said “China is invading us from the West, turn around and look!” but no one listened.

They just kept looking East and cheering for our troops! All of our troops were gone to the east, no one was here to protect us at home.

As I turned back around to the West, these soldiers began to climb onto the ship and kill people near them.

They had masks over their heads kinda like a ninja would wear. All in black.

All over the ship they killed people.They had guns, but none of us had any. Finally I got this guy beside me to turn around. I said look! We are being invaded. As he was looking, a Chinese soldier killed a man in front of us.

To my surprise this man beside me turned to me with a look I will never forget!

He turned his head kinda cockeyed with a astonished look of disgust. Like a rich spoiled brat. And said to me “ Is this even legal??

It was like, how dare they come to our country and do this here!

The dream ended with that.

I hope I am wrong, China took no hostages. They killed everyone they saw.

My question was this, are we going to be distracted with a War in the Middle East?? Are we that ignorant to send all our protection that way and leave the back door wide open??

I pray that God wakes us up and soon!
God bless you all and I pray God gives you insight to this as well.

Jesus is King! Kevin C.



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