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China Created the Virus : The Great Dragon Is Rising – Noelia ama a Jesús

China Created the Virus : The Great Dragon Is Rising

April 27, 2020
Noelia ama a Jesús

29 March 2020

In my previous prophetic word, called “Watch Out, Church! – The Truth about the Coronavirus”, the Father revealed to me that this virus, which exists and is real, was created by man’s hand, and is allowed by God in order to judge man’s sin. In this message the Lord warns about what’s coming for the world economy as a consequence of the covert war and reveals the moves of the great dragon who is rising aggressively to dominate the nations. I saw in a vision a lab in China, where the coronavirus was being created to be used as a biological weapon, with the goal of weakening the nations in order to subjugate them.

As I said before, it’s very likely that what I share with you never comes to light, because these are hidden plans, moves that are happening in the dark, but which God sees and exposes, so that His own won’t walk in ignorance and that they will prepare for what’s coming on the entire world. But the Lord is also saying that wo DON’T have to worry, but better understand the times we are going through and hold on to His mighty hand more than ever, until we are raptured.

The message I received:

My beloved, appreciated, refined, valued, precious ones; Be vigilant, My little sheep. There is deception! There is deception! Don’t be deceived! Understand that it’s not Me who’s speaking through some mouths who say they hear My voice. The enemy is prowling around. The enemy is taking advantage of the open doors he finds in some homes that are dirty. Oh, My dear ones, wake up! Cover yourselves with the blood that has power to protect you from the deception of these times, because Satan is certainly speaking, just like I’m speaking, wanting to confuse you, so that you won’t believe what’s going on and that you won’t understand that I’m opening the eyes of many regarding what’s happening in secret.

There is a real plan that is being carried out behind the scenes. It’s a plan to bind the citizens. It’s a plan for achieving absolute power over the people and their decisions. It’s an extremely macabre and hidden plan under the table of those who are in power and who are chosen instruments of the enemy. This plan has as its objective eliminating the liberty of the people, handcuffing them, shutting their mouth, tie their arms so they can’t fly, so they will be one more number, a product of a social experiment.

Oh, My friends, how much My soul is hurting! Because there is no other way, it’s necessary for all this to happen. The decisions the people made got them here. My heart is crying seeing how far they went lying and contaminating the people, perverting them in all aspects of life so they will transgress My laws. Sin, sin and more sin, like in the days of Noah.
But I still have a faithful remnant who loves Me and who loves My statutes. Saints and redeemed, to you I’m speaking today, to those I opened their ears to hear, to those I gave the understanding to understand what they are about to hear, because a worldwide disaster is coming: breakdown, collapse, shakeup. The consequences will be unprecedented: markets tanking, prices going through the roof, shortages, companies ceasing to exist. Crash, crash! Two pounds of wheat for a denarius. Buying food will be like buying gold. Scarcity is coming. Be prepared. Do not lie down to sleep. Fill your arks! Because the time is certainly coming to shake the economy, because when I say that I’m going to shake all things I mean exactly that, ALL things. There will be a financial earthquake and currency as you know it will disappear. Everything will fall into place for the peak of wickedness to be reached. The jigsaw puzzle of the enemy will begin to take shape and every piece will be placed where it belongs. The devil knows that his time is short and that he has to move his pieces quickly.

China is rising. The great scarlet dragon is coming with fury to shackle the companies. He’s coming to attack silently and dethrone certain world leaders. China is moving under the surface of the water like a leviathan that is about to rear its head. China is ensnaring. China is lying. China is attacking covertly. China has started a war. While other nations arm themselves with missiles, China applies another strategy. Everything is already set out. They pretend things are out of their control, but in reality they released this plague like someone who unleashes a guard dog that goes out to kill and who still hasn’t given him the command to return. Do not be deceived. Remember the game of chess. “Checkmate”, they say, “checkmate”, because while the nations are thinking what piece to move next, the game is already over.

This is only the beginning of the end. This is the prelude of something much bigger. But My own DON’T have to fear, only HOLD ON TO ME. Because who is the God who brought His people out of the slavery of Egypt? Who commanded Noah to build the ark to save himself and his house? Am I not the One who set them free from the Philistines? It won’t be through your strength nor through your intelligence. It will be through My power. Have hope and have faith. Walk like you see the invisible. Don’t be dismayed! Rest in Me, your Father, who keeps you and sustains you until the end of the age comes. Amen.

And when he had opened the third seal, I heard the third beast say, Come and see. And I beheld, and lo a black horse; and he that sat on him had a pair of
balances in his hand. And I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts say, A measure of wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny; and see thou hurt not the oil and the wine. (Revelation 6:5-6, KJV)


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  1. Wendy

    Thanks for the confirmations

  2. The Vatican Jesuits actually created it, like they created communism and they have used the Chinese commy govt to hide behind it all! The CDC, WHO, BIG PHARMA are all controlled by the Jesuits of Rome, just like they control most of the world including America! Their signs and symbols are everywhere. Most people will not research this truth out. Look up Johnny Cirucci & His Team gives the facts with documentation proving all these matters! The Jesuits are behind this PLAN-demic ! Dr. Fauci is a Jesuit! He is on the Board of DIrectors for Bill Gates Foundation. We are totally infiltrated. This is their last big move to the final end times, and satan is using them for this end time agenda. They want their NWO. Last Days, the Whore of Babylon is Rome (Revelation 18) and all Ecumenical roads lead there. Connect the dots, this Plan-demic was their “perfect storm.” THeir rabbit hole of wickedness and deception goes real deep. Have you even noticed how the pope is aligning with all the willful denominations in this world? Its all tied in together.
    Last Days!

  3. Helen

    Thankyou for this !

  4. Lynette I Devries

    Terri, I saw a video on YouTube the other day called HACKING THE HEADLINES that has a guy back in 2014 talking about what is happening today. Underneath the video is a link to a booklet the Rockefeller Foundation brought out in 2010 detailing their plans which have started to come to fruition. I believe Trump could be a Jesuit. Centuries ago the Catholic church created Islam and they were closely associated to Nazi Germany too. GBY.

  5. Rita

    This so-called Corona Virus is being used to:

    1. To usher in the New World Order & antichrist
    2. To Microchip the people (disguised as a Vaccine, ID2020, or ‘maybe’ a Brain chip- COVID Swob Testing through the nose)
    3. To depopulate this earth (Georgia Guidestones)

    etc, etc

    There is NO Corona Virus. Doctors & Nurses are coming forth with the truth and also saying that Death Certificates are being falsified!!

    Donald Trump admitted that the Corporate Media is instilling FEAR into the people about the Corona Virus.
    “The Plandemic Is A Smokescreen For A New World Order, AI, Biometrics, 5G”

  6. Catherine

    Brothers and sisters, our biggest enemy is not China and not the deep state. Our biggest enemy are our sins and the sins of our Nations. If we tell people all the time that 5G is responsible for the virus or this and that, why should they repent? everything is ok. we can continue to play church….
    I see this is a new deception for the church. We know what is coming, we know that the devil reigns the world…but nothing is happening without the will or the permission of God!
    In England some angry people took down the EG antennes, so now what? is the Antichrist not coming? is the destruction not coming?

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