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May 13, 2021 1:15 AM
Handmaid of the Most High

WORD RECEIVED May 12, 2021 3:00 AM

It begins now, phase two is starting. As my people and others have resisted the tyranny of lockdowns and masks and other actions of control, many have started to see with their spiritual eyes the march toward the New World Order. Your world is undergoing chaos so that they can make order (Ordo Ab Chao).

They have always sought total and complete domination of the world I created for you. They have been perfecting their strategies for many milleniums. They have studied, trained, sabotaged and toyed with various cultures and peoples. They have studied what worked, what didn’t and how to foolproof each step and detail so that should their efforts not completely give them access to your complete and total submission, then the next alternate plan would be enacted. Be not deceived for they have been honing their skills and training their minds and their subordinates to be ready to act within seconds and minutes by their father, the serpent, once the leader of my band. He demands total and complete obedience. He knows their hearts better than they ever could and he has trained them to function in complete submission to his desires.

Now, my children, your hearts will be tried like never before. The first phase of disease panic to instill fear in those not typically ruled by such things was effective to the point of allowing their government to poison and destroy their bodies and their minds will be redirected to another treachery, then another and then another. There may be solutions offered but there will be strings attached whether it is evident or not.

Your gas stations will soon experience greater attacks with fuel shortages becoming an ongoing problem. There will be enemies named and reasons given but they will not be the true reasons for your problems. It will be an excuse and a distraction from other issues, lack of food, lack of resources, lack of money and other necessity’s. Soon, life will shift to dramatically different matters. Many will not be able to get to their jobs due to shortages, deliveries of important products will be delayed or be postponed possibly indefinitely. People will no longer be able to visit family even their young children because transportation will become a luxury. This along with the collapse of the financial markets and ultimately to the entire economy are the long-term outcomes. This will be a coordinated effort behind the scenes.

People will be unable to afford other necessities as well. Homes being acquired or built will be abandoned as the parts needed will become so costly that their shipping costs will make them too expensive to acquire and ship. Those who do not remember the gas shortages in the 1970’s have no reference to understand the utter complexity of these issues. This will be a United States issue but the economic impact will effect other countries that ship products to the U.S. causing unemployment to those abroad.

Trouble faces the economies of the world unlike any those living today have ever seen or imagined. It is beyond the scope of your finite minds. It will be so severe that many will fear loosing their minds because their troubles seem to be beyond any earthly answer. That is why I am speaking to you now. You will have to make a choice. You will either look at the situations based on the surface issues, that is how you are told the situation is through various news outlets, what you hear from your friends, neighbors and family and based on your personal experience OR you can cry out to me and get guidance for your next step based upon my knowledge.

I have been warning through my prophets to be ready. Many have not heeded these warnings. The window is about to close. Items that you assumed would always be available to you, will be hard to come by and at a much greater cost. Finances will become a great challenge for most. Your liberties will be restricted even more. Fear will permeate your interactions even more, and the quick flame of tempers will ignite around you and within you with little or no provocation.

You will need to stand and be vigilant like never before. You mind must be in constant connection with me for guidance. I realize that this will require great effort but it is the only way to remain in my peace and my protection. I promise to keep those in perfect peace if their minds and hearts are focused on me.

Trust in no man! Trust only in me. I AM. I am the way, the perfect path, I make the crooked pathway straight. There is always an answer in me. I AM. I have not forgotten. I do not ignore (my timing is perfect). I am that still, small voice. I give you fish when you are hungry, not a rock. I was able to feed 5000 men with 3 fish and 2 loaves of bread. What more will I do when you are surrounded by your enemies? Watch for my signs to you, I am a personal God and I deal with you uniquely. I created you from dust, you are made in my image, would I forget you in your time of need? Why would I give so many warnings and then abandon you? I do not change. If I did it before, I will most definitely do it again. Trust in me and do not lean on your own understanding. Do not trust in your things. Do not trust in your bank account, your gold, your bitcoin, your investments, trust me!

Search me and know me, I am there in the midst of great darkness. Learn to discern and always hide in me. I love you.


~Handmaid of the Most High~ Acts 2:18-19, Psalm 37:30


Isaiah 26:3

I Peter 5:2-3

I Kings 19:11-13

Post Script – I ask for prayers from those who read this (hopefully they will be daily). The personal attacks are great and my computer and other mechanical items are being sabotaged or completely destroyed.

I have been through several computers since last August as the enemy wants to completely exterminate these messages. It was very difficult to write this document as certain programs have been hacked or altered leaving me no longer able to cut and paste or move around documents to highlight or change fonts or use other graphics. Thus, I am unable to incorporate the many scripture references that the Lord based this specific word upon, a diligent effort will mine the key words of the last two paragraphs and discover true treasure, so I urge you to use this as an opportunity to learn more of the Word.

Don’t forget that Friday Prayer is still ongoing at 4PM EST or as the Lord leads you to participate on Fridays. Go look at the prayer guide “UNITED WE MUST STAND” here on the site, use the search on the right side of the page. God Bless You and look up our redeemer and redemption draws near!


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