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Captivity Dream | Warfare Prayer – Yahushua’ Servant

Captivity Dream | Warfare Prayer

2020/01/28 at 8:47 PM
Yahushua’ Servant


I had a dream about captivity few years ago I’d like to share.

This dream occurred in June 2017, I lived in top floor apartment with my husband.

This dream begins with me walking toward the window in my master bedroom. I look outside the window from the 3rd floor and notice lots of chaos. There are riots outside, smoke, and fires everywhere in view. I call out to my husband to show him what’s going on outside. As he moves to look, we both see the chaos and hear loud explosions outside.

We then notice our neighbor from the lower floor climbing up on to our patio deck while holding her child, about 11 years old. She frantically cries for our help, “They are taking all the children. Can you please help hide us!”. She looked distraught with tears on her face. We helped them up on the deck and guided her and her daughter to our master bedroom closet, which had enough room for both of them. We covered them with hanging clothes and floor items and shut the door with them inside.

Suddenly, there is a loud boom from the door. A group of men in swat-team like tactical clothing and masks had burst in the apartment. The leader of the group in a loud stern authoritative tone asked us, “Do you have any children?”. We both responded with “No.” The tactical team spread out and began to search the apartment and discovered the neighbor and daughter in the closet. The neighbor lady screamed and cried in agony as they grabbed the daughter and quickly stormed out of the apartment while the girl called out for her mom. My husband and I felt we needed to leave immediately. The neighbor lady ran in tears after her daughter.

I started to gather our pricey valuables. My husband saw this and told me, “We can’t take everything, leave everything and only grab a Bible.” Then I went back to the master closet and grabbed four different Bibles. My husband looked at me and said “We only need one small Bible but you don’t need it, you know it all by heart.” We left the apartment.

Dream ends

I also want to add a prayer the lord helped me discover, it has helped me with my prayers and I think every believer would benefit.

Warfare Prayer
written by Inner Man Ministries

1) I put on tender mercies, kindness, humility, meekness, long suffering; and I put on love, the bond of perfection.

2) I welcome the peace of God to rule my heart.

3) I allow the Word of God to dwell in my heart richly in all wisdom, teaching and admonishing one
another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs singing with grace in my heart to the Lord.

4) Whatever I do, I do in word and in deed in the name of Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father
through Him.

5) I put on Christ because I have been baptized in Him. I put on the Lord Jesus as a garment.

6) I put on the breastplate of faith and love.

7) I put on zeal.

8) I put on mercy and truth around my neck.

9) I put on the armor of light.

10) I place on myself the mind of Christ. I let this mind (the mind of Christ) be in me.

11) I meditate on your word day and night. You are faithful to perform your word. You will bring it to
completion. You are faithful to complete the work you have begun in me and my life.

12) Let the meditation of my heart and the words of my mouth be pleasing unto you O Lord. I will
open my mouth and you will fill it.

13) I place a guard on my mouth. I commit my mouth to you Lord that I may not sin against you.

14) You Lord are seated high above all authority, power, dominion and might. Nothing is too difficult
for you.

15) I place the armor of righteousness on my right and left hands.

16) I put on strength. I clothe myself with strength for the battle. You are looking for a pure heart
whose heart you can strengthen.

17) I thank you for a shield of favor about me.

18) I pour the blood over my body, mind, will, soul, and emotions. I repent of all sins. I will not fear the
arrow by day or the terror by night.

19) I put on the garment of salvation. We are clothed with salvation.

20) I put on the helmet of hope.

21) I put on the robe of righteousness.

22) I put on the blue ephod.

23) I ask for the fear of the Lord which is the beginning of wisdom.

24) I ask for the spirit of wisdom, knowledge, understanding, and revelation.

25) I am anointed, appointed, called, marked, chosen, beloved, accepted, and not rejected in Jesus

26) I put on as a helmet the hope of salvation.

27) Help me Lord to be sober and vigilant; watchful in the spirit; and aware of the enemy, the devil.
Wake me up spiritually.

28) I rule and reign with Christ Jesus.

29) Lord, you cover my head; you have covered my head in the day of battle.

30) The word is our shield and buckler.

31) I loose myself from the bonds of my neck. I tie down my enemies in the spirit realm. I reverse the
words of those who curse me, send evil against me, and send evil against the work of the Lord. I send
all evil back to them 7 times in the name of Jesus. May they be brought to their knees by the Lord Jesus to repentance that they may be saved, healed, filled, and delivered in Jesus mighty name. I reverse
every assignment, trap, snare, wile, and evil plan or attack against me from Satan and his angels,
demons, imps, principalities, rulers of the darkness, powers, spiritual hosts of wickedness in the
heavenly places, or spirits of any kind. I silence them and their words or curses. I clothe them with
confusion as with a mantle. I cancel all assignments against me. I make all word curses null and void.

32) I ask the Lord to send legions of angels to minister to me, protect me, battle for me, minister
healing and restoration, and to surround me in the name of Jesus.

33) I love, bless, and forgive those who persecute me and say all manner of evil against me for the sake
of your righteousness.

34) Help me Lord to be strong in the Lord and in His power, exercise the authority over the devil which
you have given me, stand against the devil, wrestle and warfare, put on my armor daily, pray without
ceasing, intercede, and fight the good fight of faith. Amen.

-written by Inner Man Ministries


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