Capitulators to the left! – Robin Pease

Capitulators to the left!

Robin Pease


I began hearing this statement: “Capitulators to the left!”

I knew the Lord had a message.

Matthew 25:41 “Then He will say to those on His left, ‘Depart from me, you who are cursed, into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels.”

Daughter write this, Many on my left, why? They have compromised my truth. They do not stand with me. They are scattering the sheep. The sheep are confused because they do not hear their Shepherd. It is I! Have I not been calling to you? Why are you deaf to my voice?

Who have you been listening to? Did I not give you my word and my very Spirit to help you listen, understand and discern the truth? Why have you wandered away from your Shepherd? Why have you trusted the hirelings? Who has bewitched you and now you run to and fro seeking knowledge but never able to come to the truth!

Hear my voice- come back to me now and I will cleanse you. I will give you a new heart and renew a right spirit within you. Stop trusting man who has but a breath in his lungs! Of what account is he?

The enemy has deceived you and you have wandered. Now the scattered sheep are being devoured by the enemy.

I will not be silent. I will come to rescue my own. I will go find the very last sheep and bring them into the fold. They will hear their master again. They will repent of their ways and follow me.

I am coming NOW! Those who await their redemption- LOOK UP!


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