Canada – Pamela Cosby


November 10, 2020, 3:53 PM
Pamela Cosby

The Lord woke me in 2015. For the next year I was shown so much of the future – ai much that I would shake and finally asked for it to stop, but the download as I call it was so much so fast to take in (although now I am sad that I did).

I was shown the creatures coming, weather, who many celebrities are and much more.
I asked the Lord should I be careful of anything– I was told to go to my wallet and look at my money. I had all $10 bills that had a picture of a train on it. Everything comes to me as a puzzle to figure out. I didn’t get it so 2 weeks later I happened to turned on the tv (which I was told to stop watching and barely do) a show about the holocaust was on and they were loading people into the trains and it became clear. God will often put the answer in front of me if I don’t get it.

In 2018 I was praying and suddenly it went into a vision. I was in an area with cement floors and walls and then realized that it was a prison or jail. Then outside the bars it was dark and I saw Jesus come in front of the bars on the other side. I wondered why Jesus was in jail?? But I was excited to see him and said Hey! I know you Jesus! He said come closer – so I walked close to the bars.

He said hold my hand – so I did
Then he said grab my arm – so I did
Then he said grab all of me and hold on tight so I said ok and the vision was over.

I sat there wondering Why was Jesus in jail??? Then I realized that he wasn’t- it was me – I didn’t go to visit him – he came to me when I will be in trouble (end times).

I saw another vision not really meant for others but just so Canada knows we will not be safe either.

I saw a very bright light (almost thought it was nuclear looking back) and said ohh wow that light is very bright. Next thing I know I am in outer space moving quickly away from the earth (so I die) my entire life since I was 2 or younger I have had the Holy Spirit and I believe an angel always speaking to me and guiding me – word of knowledge As we were quickly moving away from the earth, the exact same voice said That is earth, did you want to go see it? I said No there is too much Chaos there now (which we are starting to see now). Then we kept going backwards fast, as I was watching the earth get smaller and smaller in my sight.


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