California is Burning | Candle in the Wind – Ruth Johnson

California is Burning

Nov 21, 2019, 12:03 PM
Ruth Johnson

My Lord! California is burning!
You know this, I know,
My Lord, my heart is yearning
To believe it is not so!
The time has come for Judgment
Has come around again
As Sodom and Gomorrah once
Paid for their great sin.
Hollywood and Disneyland,
Universal Studios,
Promoted Satans programs,
Played them to us in stereo.

California is burning,
The redwoods and the wineries,
The mansions and boutiques.
Folks are racing out in cars,
The situation bleak,
A quarter million people
Set on the run
By the mighty fires.
And up from the south
A caravan comes,
A new life to acquire.
It is getting so there is
Nowhere left to go.
Cannot go home, car is scorched,
Sitting by the roadside
With miles of others.
The homes are full of water,
Water that wreaks of death,
Lives left shattered,
If they still have breath.

My Lord, You told us
You would do it,
Told us to repent,
The next judgment is not a flood,
You told us and we did not hear,
Called Your prophets liars
When they told the message
From You, not water, fire.
Water plays a big part,
Turning red as blood,
Fishes dying, dolphins too,
A third, You Said,
And it’s coming true.
The great red war horse
Is chomping at the bit,
As soon as he gets the go
The world will take a hit
Unlike any other it has ever seen,
The last and final war, WW3.
The king will come from the north,
Attack the one in the south,
All nations shall be dragged in,
Big fishhooks in their mouths.
The bodies so numerous
They cannot be buried.
Folks still party, folks still marry.

It is coming to an end.
The Father is sending His Son
Once again.
California is burning.

I received both of these around the first fires, last June? They have not stopped.

Candle in the Wind

Seven thousand homes…gone.
Where are the people?
Maybe 12,000 cars,
Where are the people?
You told us this was coming,
You told us this was near,
But so many did not listen,
Now it is here.
Some people say it’s nature,
Some people say it’s queer,
But there has always been fires,
There is nothing to fear.
When the wind whips up,
When the cedars glow,
When the cars are melted,
We may want to know
Who is behind this show!?
Is it normal? Is it natural?
You tell me.
It has not been in my lifetime,
Or in any book you read.
Except, of course, The Bible.

I understand 54,000 people are still missing from then.


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