California Dream – Leah Wheatley

California Dream

Jul 14, 2019, 1:20 PM
Leah Wheatley

I know many have been having dreams and words about the state of California but I haven’t had any until last night, July 13, 2019. I woke up very heavy hearted this morning and knew that I need to share this right away. Out of curiosity I searched on this site to see if anyone else has had anything similar and I was shocked to see that Paulinus Paul had a similar vision on June 1, 2018.

In the dream I was walking with my best friend, who lives in California currently. We were in Southern Cali and I was guiding her to my favorite spot in Venice Beach. But in real life my friend lives in northern Cali, and in the dream I had the knowledge that we were also in northern Cali, so I think God is speaking about the entire state/coastline of California in this dream. Anyway when we walked out on the jetty the sky was completely grey. Before I realized what was happening below us (the jetty was very high above the land and sea), I heard my friend say “oh no.” I looked down, and was shocked to see that the entire sea invading all the land below us. Not just the water was invading, but massive creatures of the deep sea were starting to emerge on the land and attack families. I saw a massive sea lion type animal start chomping it’s teeth while chasing chasing a small child. I saw other sea animals violently flipping themselves about in the air. The dream ended after I saw a massive gorilla (like King Kong style) emerge from the water and stand on the sand. He was standing still, looking down, like he was plotting his next move.

In a different dream I had last night, I dreamed of a massive tornado that sucked a man into it. This is the third tornado dream I have had this year (I also live in Texas) so I think it’s worth mentioning because I think we will see a lot of tornadoes in the coming months. In the last tornado dream I had a few months ago, I had the knowledge that a great tornado was coming and I was praying to Jesus for protection. I looked on my wall, and there was God’s oil handprint. It looked just like the oil crosses that are on my walls now, after anointing my home and asking for Jesus’ protection over it. So I wanted to include that part to encourage those who are in Christ Jesus. He will protect those that are His. Stay strong my brothers and sisters and I pray that you will take this to Jesus Himself for knowledge of how and what to pray for the things that are to come.


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