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But The End Of All Things Is At Hand – Pollox

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But The End Of All Things Is At Hand

January 16, 2023 10:52 AM

January 15, 2023

Scripture: 1st Peter Chapter 5 Verse 7
“But the end of all things is at hand.”

The Door Has Closed On The Interregnum. There was not enough Repentance from individuals, the collective races, peoples, nations or the Church. California has just has just had it’s Warning Signal, a Great Storm. Another approaches!

“The Order Of Events,” will now proceed.
(Note: Please review the September 23, 2021 Message given to Lynne Johnson.)

Nothing has changed in the Sequence, Locations or Severity! To how many prophets, watchmen and watch-women has I AM revealed the same Events, Dreams, Visions, Words to? Your young men have had visions and your old men have dreamed dreams, but the majority of you Children of Almighty God have continued to fritter away your time on trinkets, games, baubles, investments, addictions, plans, parties, idols, tech-toys, diversions, distractions, activities, vacations, purchases.

Wasting your time as the last few minutes of the clock spins around the dial. It will be too late for so many of you that will cross the veil in a twinkling of an eye and give give an accounting to Me: “What Have You Done With All The Gifts I Gave You When You Came Into This World?” So few will be at Peace and filled with Joy! I AM has cried tears for all the lost, but can not nor will I interfere, with the most important gift after your gift of creation and life; the gift of your Free Will. You have made your final choice, when you stand before Me, it is too late to change your eternal destination.

The fulfillment of the signs in the Sun and Moon and Stars proceeds. Many of My saints wanted to live in your own day, but this generation has scorned, scoffed, mocked, laughed at the very notion of “End Times”.

“Why the party has just begun, we are returning to Normal!” Not so, for the snake king’s cabal will respond quickly to My Celestial Interventions and Judgments, with an acceleration of their own order of events and sharpen the poisoned dart swords on you My Children, once again along the road to the final Mark, applied to Buy/Sell/Survive.

Make your final preparations for the sun is setting on the dying, imploding and collapsing ways of your Modern World: “Do As Thou Wilt.” Seek Reconciliation, Repentance, Forgiveness, while you can, before the lights go out/before the light of your wick is maybe snuffed out. You are only given today My Child, tomorrow is not promised. I AM will call many in a twinkling of an eye. Many will not have any moments to repent or call My Name before they are called away. Think Well On This NOW!


Note: When Lynne Johnson’s Message first came out, on this site, I thought it was singular, focused, concrete and sharp as a two-edged Sword of Truth. Praise God!

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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