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Bride Taken Immediately following Explosion – Teresa Graham

Bride Taken Immediately following Explosion

Nov 27, 2019 9:25 PM
Teresa Graham

Dream on 8/27/19

I was thinking through the last minute communications that needed to occur before the 5:05 detonation (not sure if am or pm). I confirmed in my mind that all communications had been made, so I knew the bomb would detonate as planned. I watched the clock tick down with only a few minutes remaining, when I was informed of a delay.

Suddenly, I found myself surrounded by several people,  and I was talking through new activities with them, before receiving a call from Donald Trump. I spoke with Donald Trump because I needed to give him an update on the new communication activities, and I needed to know the time of the new detonation. He told me the time was being reset to 6:05 (not sure if a.m. or p.m.). I worked through the last minutes communications, and again I waited for the remaining minutes to tick down. The bomb exploded at exactly 6:05

At the exact second that the scheduled 6:05 event took place, I was taken up above everything taking place on the earth. I didn’t see the fall out of the bomb, but I knew it had occurred.

I was taken to a special location where I attended my marriage ceremony. Following the ceremony, I waited for

three pictures. One was of the groom by himself. He was smiling (I only knew it was him I didn’t actually see him in the picture). In one of the pictures I was smiling, as I jumped in the air in excitement when the picture was being taken. The third picture was of the groom and me. I saw the outline of us in the picture, but I do not recall any details. I remember thinking how excited I was that the marriage had finally occurred.

While waiting on the pictures, I walked into another room and I noticed that the room was pitch black. I made my way back to the room where I had been waiting on my pictures. My groom appeared and took my hand. I didn’t fear anything, as I knew everything was ok. We made our way out to a larger crowd of people who celebrated our wedding with us.

After the wedding reception, my groom and I end up in a large get away vehicle. It had quite a lot of room.  It looked like a motor home, only it appeared to have multiple levels.

The groom was sitting in the driver seat as he was going to be driving. An older man walked over and sat down in a chair near us, and asked if he and a few others from the wedding party could tag along with us on the ride to where we were headed next. My groom and I were excited that they wanted to come with us.

I woke up

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