“Breaking News” Perth, Austrialia – Sara Lynch

“Breaking News” Perth, Austrialia.

Jan 2, 2020 12:05 PM
Sara Lynch

I received a very powerful warning dream from the LORD in November.

Now it is very clear what YESHUA was telling me. HE will give me “Breaking News” format dreams where I see damages or the actual events.

In the dream I was watching a “Breaking News” report.
They were commenting about the record rain forcasted for Perth, Austrialia. It was 1999 inches of rain in total forcasted for the week!!

I did not see footage of the rain in this report just the huge red “1999 Inches” graphic across the screen.

Then the dream ended.

I thought this dream was a warning about rain/floods or a tsunami coming to Perth, Australia.

I never received another “spiritual thing” to confirm the insane amount of rain!! So I just put it on “my shelf”

The dream was a warning not about rain but about the fires that have and will continue to utterly ruin Austrialia.
Pray for Perth because that was where the report in the dream focused on.

Pray for those affected please, Brothers and Sisters.

GOD bless you all and much love.

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