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February 26, 2024 11:25 PM

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Dear brothers and sisters,

This is going to be a very important warning. Please share it.

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It was in the quiet of my afternoon, on Jan.27/2024, while enjoying Yeshua’s peace and rest that this message begin to flow into my Spirit.

In the beginning, Yah created the heavens and the earth, and said that it was good. However, ever since the fall in the garden of Eden, man has consistently made poor choices, disregarding the commands that Father had set in place for our benefit. This has given Satan and his hordes free reins to contaminate and destroy all the beauty Father originally designed for us. At present, we are nearing the climax of demonic interference and deception. I say, ‘nearing’ because, believe it or not, when lawlessness prevails and the Kingdom of the Antichrist fully arises, the love of many will wax colder than it has ever been.

For millennia, the enemy has been hard at work setting up traps, landmines and snares in every area of our lives. That means that, in order for us to successfully navigate without falling prey of Satan’s schemes, we need Father’s discernment. This is not a simple case of distinguishing the obvious matters, right from wrong. But to clearly identify which signs, miracles, prophecies, teachings are from the Holy Spirit and which from the enemy. As darkness thickens, it becomes increasingly harder to detect the difference. The Bible says that, if possible, even the elect would be deceived.

Jer.8:7 Yea, the stork in the heaven knoweth her appointed times; and the turtle and the crane and the swallow observe the time of their coming; but my people know not the judgment of the Lord.

Children of the Most High,

are your spiritual eyes open to the season we are in? Are you applying Scriptures bearing in mind that knowing the Truth without practicing it, does not grant a ticket to heaven? Are you keeping your eyes peeled, watching the signs? Yeshua warned us not to be deceived by false teachers and false prophets who are already here and will perform all sorts of signs and miracles under Satanic influence (Matt.24:24). For instance, when the false prophet will cause fire to come down from heaven, will you attribute it to him imitating Elijah or will the Spirit within you cry, ‘RUN AWAY from the deception’? Don’t think that it cannot happen to you, that you will see it coming. For many have already fallen prey to all sorts of lies in these last days. I cannot stress enough how vital it is for all of us to be clinging to Yeshua NOW, to study His Scriptures, to know His requirements, to follow closely behind Him.

Everything is permissible, though not all is beneficial. Father has given us both His Word as our manual of instructions, and His Spirit to lead us. Confessing our sins regularly, abiding in His Word, praying, worshipping Him and fasting are only preliminary steps to our Christian journey. Walking under the SOLE leadership of His Spirit and seeing in the spiritual realm is another level. This is not something automatic, dispensed to us when we first believed. It comes from a close fellowship, and therefore, by living in complete obedience, in covenant with Yah. If you humbly draw near Yeshua, you can ask Him to open these things up to you. We all, by default, have our human perspective of things. But not all have Yah’s. That is a process. Ask Father to help you filter things through His lens, to align you to His plan that you may recognize His strategies and complete your mission successfully.

This Word involves breaking free from the Matrix – Satan’s dragnet, schemes, and evil assignments. Now, I’m sure many of you are convinced to know the extent of what I’m talking about because you read the Word, you do not kill, nor steal. But how many of you are still allowing your children to play violent videogames? How many of you wear clothes with demonic logos whether knowingly or unknowingly? Or you heard that Christmas is pagan but have reassured yourself that your way of celebrating it is pleasing to Father because it’s about your heart? When Father said that He is going to eject the fence riders, He meant that, there will come a time when He will no longer tolerate things done as one sees fit, ignoring the Word, sugar-coating it to make it say whatever you want. He will judge by His righteous standards. His judgments will purify and remove any grey area. Whatever is not from Yah is from Satan.

Rev.22:11 He that is unjust, let him be unjust still: and he which is filthy, let him be filthy still: and he that is righteous, let him be righteous still: and he that is holy, let him be holy still.

Spend time at the feet of Yeshua humbling yourself. Ask Him to create in you a clean heart. Examine yourself to see if you have fallen prey by the enemy. If so, ask Yah to reveal Himself to you, untangle your feet, so that you may walk in His freedom. Without His discernment and grace, you will not perceive the numerous ways Satan is entrapping people in his Matrix.

Father created mankind to glorify Him in all our accomplishments. He not only gave each of us a physical body, with our own traits, personalities and talents. He made us spiritual beings so that His Spirit could dwell in us. What a gift!! If you are too absorbed in your regular life, if you don’t have a solid relationship with Yeshua, or if you’re too intertwined with the world, you are caught in this matrix -that thing that desires to immobilize you and completely debilitate you from the movement of Yah’s Spirit until you are no more.
Imagine a spider laying its web -a trap, catching its victim by immobilizing it or entangling it, then proceeding to destroy it.
In comparison, a life in the Spirit reflects our ability to recognize Yah’s voice so we will not disobey Him. It also allows us to function in the supernatural, and yield to His warnings.

Symptoms of someone who is bound by this Matrix is the inability to discern Father’s true messengers or doctrines from the false ones. In fact, the deeper the fall, the more passive, indifferent or apathetic towards seeking the truth and obeying Yah’s warnings. Those living in deception, will find themselves making all sorts of excuses whenever someone tries to steer them off their course. Their pride functions as a shield around them to block any insinuation they may be off the Narrow Path. In worse cases, they will even be in denial to Satan’s demonic devices. So, instead of being on high alert to avoid any such entrapments, one becomes accustomed and comfortable with them, completely tuned out of the spiritual alarms.

Once Yah’s Word no longer brings conviction, the heart stops hungering for more of Him. Prayers tend to become repetitive and empty. Sensitivity to true repentance is lost, while holiness and righteousness become non-existent. When the flesh takes over the leadership role, one would rather do anything but press into the Father’s heart. All this comes at a great cost.

In this word, Father wants to make us aware of this Matrix. If any of you finds themselves trapped in it, go into fasting mode and ask Yah to deliver you. If you don’t actively commit to doing this now, if you don’t arm yourself and engage in full-on spiritual warfare -guarding your heart, your mind, your soul, your property, your family – you will surely fall further into the enemy’s pit of deception from which place it will be much harder to loosen yourself later. It is easy to get so caught up in the ways of the world to lose sight of Yeshua and most importantly, His guidance and favour during these End Times.

Brothers and sisters,
when we came into this world, we automatically entered into the Matrix – Satan’s kingdom. The fall of Adam and Eve had already caused sin to permeate into the perfect world Father had created for us and them. Thankfully, Yeshua also had come, and therefore, made available to us His infallible plan of salvation that through His blood we may be completely covered and forgiven of our sins. All of this is available to us, as long as we abolish within us the law of sin and death, so that Yeshua’s resurrection power may be displayed in and through us as we set ourselves apart to imitate Him in every way. His Word and perfect Law, assisting us to be moulded, shaped, and transformed into worthy vessels all for His glory.

Brothers and sisters,

if your everyday, mundane life has such priority that you do not make the time to deepen your intimacy with Yeshua, it’ll be very difficult for you to process all this. This Matrix would want us bound to its lies every moment of every day. Thus, we must make a conscious effort to separate ourselves from all the noise and fuss around us and quiet our Spirits into Yah’s presence so that we can hear His small still voice. Because, for as long as our eyes remain fastened on ourselves, our families, our jobs, we will miss the nudges from the Holy Spirit to avoid or be careful about things He deems dangerous.

So, how do we break free from this Matrix? How do we go about living in this world while being set apart?
First of all, we must confess our sins to Yah and commit to living a holy life with Him. We cannot accomplish this on our own. But if we lean on Him, He will equip us for every good deed. What makes us blameless before Father is not the understanding that we’ll never make another mistake, but that if we do, that we will promptly take it to Father, confess it to Him and commit to not doing it again.

Next, read the Word every single day, every chance you get. Make time to study it, to delight yourself in it. If you want to be married to Yeshua, then spend time nurturing your relationship with Him, getting to know Him, His requirements, what pleases Him.

Being that we’re already in End Times, we don’t have all the time in the world to turn our lives around. Therefore, go into your Secret Place today, lock yourself in and wrestle with Yah’s Spirit. Be still in His presence, waiting upon Him to teach you, to instruct you.

As you set yourself on the course of living your life as a set apart vessel before Yah, your spiritual sight will sharpen. You MUST be able to differentiate those things that are part of the Beast system and which aren’t. Put your guard up. Let the Holy Spirit steer your decisions.

Back in 2022, Yah gave me a vision portraying the Beast System or Iron Kingdom we read about in Dan.2. The way it was shown to me was through iron tentacles protruding through the surface of the earth. For some time, these tentacles remained hidden from sight. But in 2020, they began to break through. That is when we first experienced how easily we can lose our basic freedoms in the name of ‘safety’. That was when the lockdowns occurred, when masks and social distancing rules were implemented, when people were blocked from certain public places unless they could show the vaccine passport. That was also the time when pastors and peaceful protestors were dragged to jail, private property confiscated, and thousands of tickets issued. The time when the churches shut their doors despite Father desiring quite the opposite from His children. Unless you really believed covid was here to wipe out mankind, you will agree that a great overreach of government powers and an abrupt erosion of rights and freedoms took place. And everything happened so sudden. One day, we were going about our business as usual, and the next, we had to stay home unless we were considered essential workers. Just like that! At the flip of a switch, countries around the world synchronized with the same stringent rules and draconian methods. I hope we have not forgotten all this. That should have been an alarm for us to wake up. Next time, they will not let us off the hook so easily.

With all this being said, we will now look at one of the biggest tools Satan is using to advance his kingdom and increase his territory and that is through the multitude of technological advances. If you do not have a firm break on this beast, you will be dragged off by it, hypnotized by all its devices. Satan is so cunning at setting up plenty of smoke and mirrors to keep us infatuated, distracted so that our guards are set low. He creates a scenario, an event, a disaster to distract us from his slide of hands. But if you are able to see in the Spirit, you can see the traps and landmines he lays and know how to steer clear. If you’re not walking in Yah’s discernment, strongly depending on His guidance, you have already fallen prey to his devices and will need divine intervention to untangle yourself. If this is you, please seek Father wholeheartedly. And do not procrastinate on cutting yourself loose from whatever the Holy Spirit has already pointed out to you.

Satan has learned that technology really seems to mesmerize people. In our advanced society, many have embraced the new technologies because of their efficiency, convenience, because they are user-friendly. But have you considered what you have given up in return? Nowadays, our transactions, messages, preferences are not only saved on the cloud, but they’re also being shared among undisclosed third parties. How many have the habit of downloading apps or games without reading the fine print? Are you blindly following the crowd to the edge of the cliff, or are you following Yah’s Spirit that’s blasting out to be alert, be vigilant for your adversary the devil roams around like a lion seeking whom he shall devour. We cannot afford, in this time and age, not to pray before our tasks, waiting on Father to either give us His blessing to proceed or to stay off course. Before we know it, cameras, drones and robots will be monitoring every street corner for our movements. What may very well be introduced as traffic cameras, or tools to keep the population safe will be just another overreach into our privacy. Are we diving into our Secret Place every chance we get, asking Father for His favour, grace and hand of protection for the days to come? And in case you are still believing in the pre-tribulation rapture, please know that that is a false doctrine. The church will be pressed, crushed, worn-out, tested, refined and cleansed through many trials before meeting Yeshua. It is through these means, that the church will make herself ready with a stain and wrinkle-free garment.

If thus far you’ve acted carelessly, ignorantly, gone through life without proper care of your soul, always upgrading your gadgets to their latest versions, brought home all sorts of innovative electronics or appliances, without consulting with the Holy Spirit first, BEWARE! How many sensors, cameras and tracking devices are now watching and recording your every move? Those of you who like to save your personal pictures on the cloud or digital storage, you are making your enemies’ lives easier. So, when it will come time to search for you, they will have a better idea where to find you. What about those cameras you may have installed on your property to watch your children or cat when you are not home? Who else may have access to those? What about those cameras you install in your vehicle to monitor your speed or breaking habits? Please STOP playing with the fire and expect not to get burned! Satan is merciless. The bulk of society and undiscerning believers may not be seeing the beast, iron kingdom emerging. But you, children of the light, be sober-minded. There is an automated society being birthed, one that will function under the supervision and control of AI. If you are not paying attention to the times, you will blindly agree and accept these changes, even believe they are here for your good. Soon, all personal data such as birth date, banking info., and health records will be uploaded to a central card. Cash will become obsolete. Many will continue to fall victims to job loss due to robots taking over tasks they can perform around the clock, without needing breaks, vacations, a paycheque or promotion. A cold, calculated system – the beast system.

Who is that wise watchman who is manning his post this late at night, keeping his eyes peeled for any foreign movement? Who is that wise servant who has put his full trust in Yah, Adonai Tzevaot? I pray we are walking in Yah’s Spirit and in full obedience to Him so as to not grieve Him and be truly safe in His Ark.

Dark days are approaching -the time when freewill will cost our lives. As the world spins out of control, losing sight of Yah’s laws and increase in lawlessness, may we be found worthy to stand before the Son of Man. A time is coming when those who will demand their rights will be labeled as a threat to society and be severely punished. If you think you can handle the End Times with a superficial knowledge of Scriptures, ineffective spiritual warfare, without knowing how to fast, praise and worship, please STOP and consider all this long and hard for what is at stake is your soul! Are you willing to gamble that? Study the various pieces of Yah’s armour (Eph.6) and their functions; ensure you are constantly wearing it, that you are praying incessantly, and covering yourself with Yeshua’s blood and Spirit.

I have noticed that generally, the men are the ones who are more easily attracted to new technologies. Brothers, Yah intends for you to take charge of your households, pull the plug on things that are damaging your relationship with Yah. Don’t become another casualty. Be a good example for your children. Know that you will have to answer to Yah for yourself and for how you instructed, protected and covered your family. Shut the door to the enemy. Don’t give in to temptation. Do not ditch your Secret Place to indulge on beating the next level of your videogame, binge on the newest Netflix show or shop around for the fastest, most convenient technology. Be circumspect, sober-minded, critical about your decisions especially when it comes to downloading or purchasing new electronic equipment.

At this rate, there will be MANY casualties. War is coming, the real thing! And instead of gearing up for it, our society, even those who call themselves children of the Most High are heavily absorbed in all sorts of wordly distractions not watching the waters of the tsunami rising.

Break free from the Matrix – that thing that desires to suck you in. You may think you’re giving up 30 minutes of your time and before you know it, it turns into 3 hours or 5. That thing depletes your energy, steals your time, corrodes your relationship with Yah. Do not allow yourself to fall into its traps. Fasten on Yah’s armour, learn how to resist Satan so that he will flee from you. Don’t think that because society is embracing newer technologies that it’s important for you to invest your time learning how VR, AR and AI work. Instead, spend your time deepening your roots in the Word; become expert at handling Scriptures so that Satan can be no match for you. It is not by learning Satan’s wicked system that you will beat him at his game, but by every Word that proceeds from the mouth of Yah. Memorize Scriptures.

Apps, ChatGPT, AI, Siri, Google, Alexa and their numeous friends are all tools Satan is using to draw people to himself. As these devices become more popular, people rely less on Yah for His divine guidance. Our society is being trained to depend on technology for quick answers rather than taking the time asking our Heavenly Father, the one who really cares for us. All this at the cost of your relationship with Yah, your privacy, your mental capability, and eventually, your soul.

Satan’s plan is working. He is capitalizing on the fact that we are so loving his new inventions, he will make sure to expand on his inventory to sell us easier, faster, more convenient or comfortable. Start applying the steps I outlined at the beginning of this document. Do not take any chances. If you cannot break yourself off the Matrix now, then how will you manage when your feet will be further into the mud pit? Or the way Jeremiah put it:
Jer.12:5 If thou hast run with the footmen, and they have wearied thee, then how canst thou contend with horses? and if in the land of peace, wherein thou trustedst, they wearied thee, then how wilt thou do in the swelling of Jordan?



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