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Booms and Resistance – Cassandra222

Booms and Resistance

August 4, 2020 3:51 PM

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Booms 8/4/2020

The time has come for all things to end. For the booms have become let the light of Jesus shine forth in you trust me in these times watch what I do in October. Great bombs arrive soon boom they shall go another boom you will hear soon many bombs shall land on the shorelines great booms there shall be another choice you must make make oh children where do you turn to for help for this is a choice you must make let the little ones come to me

now I find that interesting because one of my last prophecies was the booms of august and hey we just heard a boom in beirut today

The Resistance 8/4/2020

now i speak unto the nations survival comes to many resistance comes look at the resistance that grows in the land great resistance grows many shall marvel at what comes for resistance comes the cut the time comes in which my children must resist let the torch be lit in the children of god let the resistance grow within them i give them the torch they need for i give resistance

Warning Word Received 7/30/2020

Repentance must go forth to the church


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