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Booms of August – Wine of God

Booms of August

July 27, 2020
Wine of God

Auto Generated Transcript

Received message July 21st a seismic event comes in august it is a time of deafening booms

A big event i don’t think it’s necessarily earthquake

Recieved July 25th  to write these words down and share them with everyone. I bring judgment to america greater judgments are being released
even now the hour of judgment has come august is bringing the booms i have told you about i awaken within you a boom the triumphant noise of jesus shall be heard and a boom shall go forth religious systems of the earth a boom goes forth let the religious systems hear the boom the fear of the lord comes to you and a boom shall go forth across the land awaken the children for it is time for
the triumph to go forward let the triumphant booms go forward

a big move of the holy spirit and god’s going
to boom within us and it’s going to be awesome who knows if there’s more it seems like there’s a lot of other booms going on in the world right now if you get my drift

Recieved July 26th a surprise attack comes soon I‘ve heard that a couple times recently

Received June 23rd sudden death event many will just die out once  then he started going on and talking about the plague he said the plague will take
many it will be called the great plague a man-made disease it is i give you words to the nations the
great plague comes quickly it is man-made it is my
judgment for they have defied me many plagues
will be released but this will be called the great plague


for example you can see that a lot of a lot of things are man-made but that doesn’t mean it’s not the judgments of god so this is going to be a man-made plague and and yet it’s also going to be the judgment of god and i think how i would um show that as like kind of like our kids get in trouble sometimes and sometimes they have to set their punishment is the natural consequence of their sin and um maybe that’s the situation in this way

Updated: August 5, 2020

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  1. Pam Duffy

    Wow! A few weeks ago, I asked the Lord, “What will be the next event?” He said, “The Big Boom” and He impressed on me it would be very loud, like when in the 1880’s a volcano erupted and the sound traveled around the globe 4x.

  2. Christin

    I’m so hoping God finally comes for his true children to redeem them and put an end to their great suffering.

  3. Wine of God

    Wow! It will be interesting to see what August brings!

  4. Hannah Silver

    How can none of this be in the news?! If this is true then prophecy is getting impossible to follow because we have no idea what’s actually happening in the world right now.

  5. ray

    it is the enemy’s set up that news is lacking

  6. Mathew

    So far I have seen deadly explosions in Beirut, Hyesan (North Korea) and Baltimore.

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