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Bombs & Paratroopers – 8 Year Old Boy

Bombs & Paratroopers

8 Year Old Boy

I had a dream last night

The sky was blue, I was singing “Jesus loves me” on my MeMe’s front porch.  Then BOOM!!! Bombs blasted one after another. I lay on the ground and put my fingers in my ears to try and stop the sound.  I was getting scared. I looked up and there was a lights in the sky and helicopter and strange looking people coming down in parashoots.  Bombs were still falling.

I woke up holding my ears and afraid to go back to sleep

Location of dream: Central Texas

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  1. Mark

    I have had two war warnings myself in the last couple of weeks. First was a very quick flash vision of planes over head and soldiers parachuting out of them. Second one was a passenger in a vehicle and all of sudden saw bombs/artillery hitiing the ground up ahead in the distance and then strafing/machine gunning all around the vehicle. Very terrifying. I live in Sarnia Ontario on the USA Border where there are numerous oil refineries.

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