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Bombs Away!

Dec 8, 2019 6:34 PM
Handmaid of the Most High


Vision NYC

December 6, 2019

While working on a prophetic message, the Father gave me a flash vision of NYC. I saw what looked like Fireworks going off, but they were actually bombs!

I have had more visions of bombs going off in New York City than any other type of vision. Since the 1990’s, I have been given visions of bombs in many U.S. cities and a few abroad. For the most part, I have not shared this.

However, I know that the kickoff event will also see bombs and destruction of NYC and that they will be very closely tied together, I don’t think they will be simultaneous but within a few hours or more. Pray for clarification. I do believe that I am supposed to share this now.

By far, among all the various visions and words I have received in my life (I know it is the many hundreds (thousands?)), NYC’s bombing is the most common I receive. I have never lived there or have any significant connection to it. I knew many years ago, that it is the key symbol of Mystery Babylon as it is where the world’s merchants gather to conduct business and the UN is placed there (there are many other reasons but you get the point).

~ Handmaid of the Most High ~


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