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Boiling waters in Pacific Ocean and Tsunami’s on the West Coast – Kevin C.

Boiling waters in Pacific Ocean and Tsunami’s on the West Coast

Dec 19, 2019 10:23 AM
Kevin C.

I have been flooded over and over again with open visions and dreams of Tsunami’s on the West Coast of America.

In The first vision I was hovering over the Ocean waters just off the West coast. I could see the coastline of land in the far far distance. Suddenly the water began to heap up around me like a huge mountain. As the the mountain of water got bigger and bigger it began to rush towards land. But it headed toward Oregon instead of California. It poured ocean waters for miles inland destroying homes and buildings and lives in its path.

But Oregon? Lord why Oregon. I thought California would be first.

He said this, many of the sins committed in California started in Oregon. Being from the east coast I have no proof of this. Other than to repeat what I was told.

Many more confirming visions like this one kept coming to me.

The Lord said if they do not repent it will get worse and worse.

One vision was a Tsunami that hit
San Fransisco Bay Area in the middle of the night!! With No warning at all. Ocean waters Half way up or higher on many of the buildings I saw. Cars and people washed away in the streets.

Again the Lord said if they do not repent it will get worse!

More visions came of Tsunamis on the West Coast.
The Last one was the most bizarre of all. I was in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Oregon some where.
The Ocean water was very deep to me but I was in it floating like a bobber. My head was above the water and my legs and feet in it. I kept seeing these large bubbles coming up from down in the water all around me up to the top and then pop. As I looked at the surface of the ocean I could see steam or fog coming off the water all over. The Lord said the Ocean is tarting to boil in this area. What? I said. I wanted out of it. It wasn’t hurting me but I could tell it was Hot. But then as before in other visions the water started to gather up like a mountain with me on top and rush towards the land!! I screamed! No God! please God have mercy! This water will burn people and children!! Please no! I awoke out of this vision in utter fear! My wife knew I was troubled by what I had seen. I cried each time I tried to tell her. A tsunami is one thing. Bad enough as it is. Then one at Night. In total darkness without warning at all. That’s even worse. But, the last one still today puts Holly Fear of God in me!

Boiling ocean water!! A Tsunami of Hot water hitting somewhere on the West Coast! No Joke. How hard can our hearts be? Please, if you live on the West Coast pray about this earnestly to escape all these things that shall come to pass. I hope I am wrong. Hot Ocean Water! As a Tsunami. I Pray for the people and children that can be saved, mercy on them. Please change the way you think and live! Repent while you can. God loves you!

Kevin C.


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