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Blood on hands of the church – Patti Huson

Blood on hands of the church

8/23/19 12:13 PM
Patti Huson

The Lord gave me a vision tonight if churches, and in these churches were bloodied hands. The Lord told me the churches have blood on their hands because they did not warn the flock. They were too busy with themselves and the things of this world. Then in another vision I saw outlines of people. And they were filled with light, like lanterns, and they were going to and fro on the earth which was completely darkened because of sin and evil. These “lamps” went out into the darkness to find the lost.

Ezekiel 34 Isaiah 60

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  1. Catherine

    Amen. i just arrived yesterday in Reyvjakik, Island. I could speak with some people today and I met also a farmer from Ohio, who told me, he doesn‘t prepare for financial collaps, he believes everything will become better. He is a christian…I don‘t wonder anymore, most of the churches are sleeping.
    Brothers and sisters, don‘t only read the prophecies, go out and warn people. Our streets are full of them.

  2. Sara L

    Amen Sister. The LORD is not pleased with those who deceive HIS flock. I had a dream in March of a pastor spitting flames over the pulpit into the faces of his smiling and laughing congregation . Not one single person ran away or even noticed what he was doing.

  3. Humbled for Service!

    Amen dear sister! The wise bride is the one that took the oil and the lamp out into the darkness of the midnight hour. We are called to be searching for the lost at this hour. Amen and thank you very much. Blessings and Shalom!

  4. Karen

    Of course the churches have blood on their hands, they condone adultery. Most pastors allow for divorce and remarriage, ignoring Jesus’ teachings that all remarriage is adultery. If they preached otherwise, there would be no congregation. This is an adulterous nation and the so-called believers refuse to hear the truth. Yes, there is blood on the hands of the pastors and all that are caught up in this sexual immorality.
    Those who are married with a spouse still alive or married to someone who has a spouse is living in adultery. You must divorce and either reconcile with your spouse or live a single life. Those who are married to someone who has a spouse also must divorce and if the Lord allows, may marry someone who has no spouse alive or never married.
    The church must not even have a hint of sexual immorality!

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