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Big things are coming! – Kristina Heuken-Goossen

Big things are coming!

August 30, 2020 10:52 AM
Kristina Heuken-Goossen

Hello my dears!

On Thursday a violent attack hit me deeply to the core.
Yesterday, I was paralyzed by what people can do to you.
And that in the middle of the grief phase.

I got a vision last night and a word about it this morning. It’s quite short, but with a vision, very telling!

And the LORD in His great love and grace gave me the explanation why this happened to me on Thursday!
I am free and above all
it is also a self-reflection.

So it’s not always just the enemy!
Or, the LORD allows situations.
Everyone who is involved has a choice, like
how to react or act.
And GOD already knows everything.
Thus, HE uses evil as good for us.
We just have to let HIM do it!

So and here the vision:

It was another vision in yellow ocher!
These are always particularly important!
I saw a face in the top left corner … so in heaven.
This one had blonde curls around it.
Then I saw something coming out of the mouth, like breath.
But it was shimmering, so it was hot!
And this shot to earth!
Vision end

Here is the word:

Beloved daughter,
hear MY word
how it speaks to you!

Yes, so says the Lord!

Great things are coming to earth!
Blow the horn!
Blow the HORN!

Yes, so great comes to earth!

Be ready!
Be ready!
Yes, be ready!

It will shake and toss the entire earth!

Oh, be ready and blow the horn!

The call comes from heaven:



At first I thought it was bad!
I asked too!
But the vision shows for me:
It is probably both!
Good – the Holy Spirit
and bad things – fire that consumes!
And yet – in the end it is for us believers – GOOD!



Prepare the way to your hearts for the Lord!


German Version of this can be found here

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