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Beware of November – Sue Piccini

Beware of November

September 30, 2020
Sue Piccini


Given to Me by the Lord at 1:30 P.M. As I was praying and seeking the Lord on another Word that was given to someone else.

“ Time to put on your Full Armor, Children, time to be Watching and Waiting for My swift return. All the signs are there and in place. Revelation 6 is about to be fulfilled and you will see the End Beginning!”

“My Righteous Anger is going to be seen and those who will face it in My Name sake, must be strong and prepared. This will be a time of Great Anguish and devastation upon the Earth. Beware of November, for this will be a time of Great Decisions and many will fall at this time.”

My Bride, Gird Yourselves and put on your Full Armor, (Ephesians 6). Come MY Bride and know that I will deliver you in the midst of all calamity and destruction. Listen for the Voice of Your God and for the sound of MY Rams Horn, for at this time you will be with Me. As you wait for Me, know that I Am is with you and protecting you, so do not be afraid or dismayed at the things you will see and hear. There are more things that must come to pass before I Come to take you Home. You will experience Fires, Drought, Famine, Death and Destruction all around you, but be of Good Cheer, for I will over come the World.”

“The Darkness of 3 days will begin very soon, so make sure you have the supplies I have told you to get and be, “ Yea Ready.” Watch for all the signs I have told you about and know that your time draws neigh.”

“People of the World, you drunkards, and profane people, you mockers and scoffers, “TAKE HEED OF THE WARNINGS YOU HAVE BEEN GIVEN, FOR YOUR WORLD IS ABOUT TO CRASH DOWN AROUND YOU.”

Your Lord Jesus Christ, Yeshua Ha Mashiach speaks to you, Listen, Listen, Listen!! “BE YEA READY.” !!

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