BEWARE: Mark of the Beast//Time of Weakness…. Bride get ready! – Elizabeth Marie

BEWARE: Mark of the Beast//Time of Weakness…. Bride get ready!

July 7, 2020
Elizabeth Marie

I received this message on 7/6/20. This is a warning that there will be a ‘time of weakness‘ when the Mark of the Beast comes, and many (including some Christians) will fall:


“I am coming when MY HEAVENLY FATHER tells ME to go…..not one minute sooner and not one minute later! WOE to those who preach the exact date, because it is not from ME or of ME.

Many will go through great tribulations before I come. So I say occupy and wait patiently, like a farmer who waits for his crop to grow and be harvested.

The Mark of the Beast will be a game changer, and overnight the world will be a different place. Many will receive it and become compromised humans, not being able to discern truth, justice or righteousness. Instead, they will become slaves to their new father, the devil. This will be the great FALLING AWAY that is spoken about in MY WORD. (2 Thessalonians 2:3)

Take the ‘MARK” and die a horrible second death in the lake of fire. It is the ultimate betrayal to ME, who came to redeem and save the lost.

Once the choice has been made, there is NO TURNING BACK…..
Let ME repeat……..there is NO TURNING BACK! (Revelation 14:9-10)

So resolve in your your mind what you will do. Will you stand up for ME or choose to worship another?

BEWARE that the enemy will set up the stage to make it seem like you have no choice. It will come during much hardship, when your very being and flesh will long for relief. It will be in this weak place that the enemy will LURE many into his kingdom.

STAY STRONG, MY BELOVEDS, and turn to ME during your moment of weakness and decision! I will provide the strength that you will need at this time!

LEAN NOT on your own understanding…..

LEAN NOT on your own strength, for it will fail!

Come now, all who are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. (Matthew 11:28)

The clock ticks towards MIDNIGHT and the BRIDEGROOM comes….


(I then asked the LORD, how are we to be READY for your coming? I heard this):

1) Humble yourselves daily before ME

2) Get rid of your prideful ways

3) Confess your sin daily

4) Believe and have faith in all things good

5) Reject evil and its ways

6) Spend quality time in prayer

7) Study MY WORD

8) Serve and help those around you

9) Remain faithful to MY WORD

10) Hear MY voice

11) Walk in the SPIRIT and NOT the flesh

12)Love ME with all your heart, mind and soul

13) Love others as yourself

14) Watch your tongue

15) Proclaim ME from the rooftops

16) Sacrifice on MY behalf

17) Do not be wise in your own eyes

Isaiah 33 was my Scripture Reading for the day of this message and it shows that even in the midst of great distress, the LORD is faithful to HIS CHILDREN who follow HIM!

Isaiah 33






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  1. Joe D

    Once the choice is made there is no turning back…… Hence no way the original DNA will be restored as given in another post which is not from God. Amen.

  2. Charles Van Delden

    Excellent word Elizabeth! Yes, when we are faced with the “mark”, many will fall away (2Thess2:3) since the mark and son of perdition go together. Those who have held the pre or midtrib rapture positions will face a rude and abrupt awakening, when that man taught teaching will be destroyed by the Lord at that time. All is not lost however, when a simple recognition of the truth is realized and true repentance is expressed with a pure heart motive.
    As this word mentions, resolve NOW whom you will serve! Take the mark, and be lost forever.
    The good news in all of this for those who refuse the mark is, hope and pray that you will find yourself in an “ark/refuge” facility where you will be nourished (fed and protected) for 3 1/2 years Rev12:6, 12:14.The same time that the antichrist goes after those believers (offspring/remnant of the woman in safety) not found in an ark, who get martyred Rev.12:17, 13:7.
    Blessings to all….

  3. Thank you for this clear and concise message from our Lord & Savior Jesus!

    So many of the bride are so deeply asleep… totally deceived and in denial about the season we are now in! They are convinced that they won’t be here for any difficult times…nor will they have to worry about taking the mark…

    They are soooo wrong!!! Father God has told me… because they are so deeply asleep… for this reason He must use the judgements to shake them so violently that they will awaken!

    Many say that they WON’T be forced to take it… and that if they are… then because God is so merciful, He will reverse any effects it may have upon them… Or… that they can take the mark… then remove it later!!! They are very wrong!!! Father God has made it very clear… DO NOT ACCEPT THE MARK… NOR ANY TEST NOR ANY VACCINE!!! For they will alter your very DNA… and this is irrevocable!!! As your message clearly states, we must NOT lean upon our own understanding. .. and look to Him only to carry us through all that is coming swiftly now…

    Thank you also for the Section on ‘how to be ready for the arrival of Jesus’… This is so clear on what Father God requires from each of us so that we may be ready… We MUST CONFESS OUR SIN DAILY!!! So many follow OSAS… and believe this is not necessary…. BUT IT IS!!! The Father has impressed this upon me so often… because so many do not do this each day!!! We must come before Him daily, with a humble, contrite & repentant heart… and ask Father God for His forgiveness!!! Otherwise we may be one of the foolish virgins who will be left behind!!!

    Use the time we have left wisely…and declare the gospel to all we meet… and speak out to our brothers and sisters caught in satan’s web of lies and deceptions… time is so very short!!!

  4. Sally

    I wonder . . . . I just wonder if the vaccine that everyone is talking about is the mark of the beast, I just wonder or is it the law just passed in Michigan yesterday that “protects our privacy,” I wonder if that is the mark too or is it just under a fancier name. Regardless, the time is so incredibly short, my beloved. The vaccine will be ready in just 2 months, billions of doses of the vaccine are already prepared, in syringes and in refrigeration just waiting for the weak to cave.

    I have posted this before but I hope this will get in under the radar a 3rd/4th time because it definitely bears repeating. Several weeks I had a flash vision. There was an open casket and inside was planet Earth. I came unglued and unhinged for several days.

  5. Loveth Nwokeohuru

    Thank you Elizabeth.

    If you worship the devil you get the mark, it’s as simple as that.

    Not vaccine.

  6. KarenO

    When one listens to political speech, it changes according to the cries of the people. “Give us…”

    THEY are not dependable. It’s why we need to get our heads out of the talk of social media and start watching what is happening in the here & now. We already know that the world is seeing new cases from a MUTATED covid-19 virus that transmits itself MORE easily, & younger people are getting sick – once again, overloading an overworked healthcare system.
    (Why a vaccine is not likely to be ready as soon as they say it will.)

    THEY want to keep you edgy, off-guard, & ready to accept any semblance of peace. They’re expecting us to be ready to pay any price for civilization.

    It’s why Jesus said to pay attention: (be wise as serpents & harmless as doves Matthew 10:16
    and “Behold, I’ve told you what to expect ahead of time (paraphrased).” Mark 13:23

    How would we know that these prophecies are coming to fruition?
    News is about the “Nations”
    We’d be unaware of the shortening of days without the computer.
    We’d be unaware of most of Bible prophecy coming to fulfillment without satelltes & world news – computers, again.
    We CAN SEE HOW they’ll create the need for a worldwide digital currency.

    They desperately want to get rid of believers, because we hold the greatest liberty. We’re already free!

    We KNOW what’s “behind the scenes” because we: (1) read the prophecies and know they’ve been fulfilled. (2) can see how the demands of the people on their governments create a situation in which many governments will go broke…forcing the implementation of the new digital economy.

    Our first sign will be a government-ordered implantation of a digital currency, just as FDR ordered the end of the gold standard as a basis for US currency (one could no longer take a $5 bill to the bank & get $5 worth of gold).

    We will be unable to take a physical means of exchange for goods & services. I can see “by computer” being allowed for a short while, but there will still be the issue of::” Is the customer who just walked in safe around my other customers?”

    The governments of the world will NEED to track you & your health (by chip) to make the economy “work” again. They’ll call it “hitting the reset button.”

    I’m going to demand my legal right to say “no.” If they kill me for it, I’ll see you soon!

  7. Jesse Terrell

    Like the 17 steps!!

  8. Sujit


    I would like to submit to you that believers in the Lord Jesus Christ have the power through the Holy Spirit to reverse any DNA manipulation that is done to us without our consent.

    The key phrase is “without our consent.” Please do not confuse involuntary DNA manipulation with voluntary DNA manipulation.

    Here is a post from Linda Hasche that talks about overcoming involuntary DNA manipulation through the power of prayer:

    We are not powerless against the enemy. We can overcome him through the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony.

    And DNA manipulation can transpire through several nefarious means that we do not have full knowledge of, not just vaccines: contaminants in our water, toxins in our food, pollutants in our air, frequencies, subliminal messages, nanotechnology, and so on. There is and has been a very nefarious and ulterior agenda to alter our genetic makeup. We have not consented to any of this, and therefore, any unknown, involuntary alterations to our genetic makeup done in this manner or similar can be reversed through the power of the Holy Spirit.

    If we listen to Elizabeth’s message carefully, even she says that in a time of weakness, people will “want” the mark.

    We cannot “want the mark” or “make a choice to receive the mark” if the mark is simply forced upon us without our knowledge.


    That is why there are warnings being shared about not taking these new vaccines that are in the process of being made—so that we can be informed and be ready to say “No,” because these vaccines have stuff in them that can alter our DNA. There is every reason to suspect them and not receive them.

    But there is also the question of people and individuals who have no understanding in this matter through no fault of their own and cannot say “No.” Have we given thought to babies, little kids, the mentally incapacitated, and the like? These individuals are in no position to “want” or “make a choice to receive” the mark; in fact, somebody else may make the choice for them. And what if somebody forcibly holds down a person and injects him/her with some of this DNA-altering stuff?

    There are several issues in gray to consider here.

    Yes, the Scripture says that those who receive the mark are beyond redemption, but it should not be lost on anyone that the people who receive the physical mark actually make the choice to do so or at least have already taken it in the spiritual attitude of their hearts.

    Our God is a God of justice. He will not condemn the innocent with the guilty.

  9. The “Mark” is just that, a mark, that is to say, an identifying permanent placement in a person’s body…
    …can’t be in a vaccine, since the “Mark” is either in your hand or in your forehead…and they don’t and CAN’T give vaccines in one’s forehead.

  10. Sujit

    Hi, Scarlett,

    Whether you were responding to me or writing in general, I submit to you that even if the mark is not the vaccine, there are several disturbing things about this so-called vaccine that is in the process of being manufactured. I am not saying that this so-called vaccine is the ultimate mark of the beast.

    There are several things that need to be in place for the ultimate mark of the beast to be rolled out, and they aren’t in place yet. So the only reason I mentioned vaccines is because just as the mark of the beast in some way (perhaps through altering our genetic makeup) renders us irredeemable, this so-called vaccine may also end up doing the same, but just as we can say “no” to a vaccine, we will have the power and choice to refuse the ultimate mark of the beast.

    There are some similarities between what this vaccine might do and what the ultimate mark will probably end up doing, but it doesn’t make the two synonymous. Pointing out the similarities is not an argument for them being one and the same. These are two separate issues, and conflating them is leading to confusion.

    There have been several warnings to not take this vaccine, and I believe that if we ignore these warnings and take the vaccine, we may cross a line from which there is no turning back.

    We are the temple of God and His Holy Spirit, and our God-given humanity is an essential part of what makes us this temple. Anything that alters our humanity or has the potential to do so is not to be trifled with, for the Scripture says in 1 Corinthians 3:17 that if anyone destroys the temple of God, God will destroy him.

    Yes, God forgives disobedience, but Scripture is replete with stories where disobedience also led to death.

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