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Beware! Another Jesus is coming! – Merab Olfert

Beware! Another Jesus is coming!

Sep 1, 2019, 6:41 PM
Merab Olfert


Dream – May 2018

In this dream I was in my friend’s house in India and was witnessing to her about my first dream in which I saw Yashua come on the white horse with his armies and saw how the world was coming to end.
As I was telling her about how Yashua came and how I saw Him face to face, all of a sudden, I see Him AGAIN but this time he looked HUGE…. Like a big gigantic being standing taller than the mountains which were seen at the horizon from my friend’s backyard.

Also, this Jesus looked similar to some of the pictures of Him which we have often seen in magazines or greeting cards or social media or print media. He stood with arms out open. This Jesus had a known face which we are quite familiar with. His face looked similar to the images of Jesus commonly circulated in Catholic and Protestant circles.

After this I suddenly noticed a man came walking straight into my friend’s backyard. This man was strikingly dark in complexion and was dressed in a long white robe. I am originally from India and this man was darker than myself for sure. He wore long robes just like the Jesus in the movies. He had black and curly hair that came just above his shoulders. He didn’t talk much but just came and sat by my side.

In my mind I wondered – Now is this Jesus? Is it Him? How does he look so different from when I saw Him come in the clouds with armies behind him… That was how I saw him in my first dream. Why did I not see Him come on the clouds this time? Where is the army behind Him? Why is He not dressed like a King? Where are His red robes?
“Is this really Jesus?” I thought.

He looked so different yet he looked so convincing.
While I was thinking of those questions in my head… He seemed to reach his hand inside my stomach and pulled his hand out right away…. It was so strange… I don’t know why he did that… I just observed it.

As I wondered about this person I still questioned and wondered if he was Jesus because he was so convincing and yet so totally different from the Yashua whom I had touched in my first dream where my whole body rattled and my heart raced and there was a reverend fear of his “holiness”. It was missing this time.

Anyhow this Jesus walked into a room and I followed behind him to see where he was going. I saw him enter a room and that room was filled with water all the way upto the ceiling. The room suddenly looked like it was some sort of under the ocean place now. He walked right into it. Then he turned around to me and said – “There are many other things to understand. For example this….” and then he pointed to the big sea creatures floating above us. I noticed I had stepped into the ocean too and I was walking and breathing under the ocean like it was a normal thing to do. I could walk at the base of this room which had somehow converted into an ocean.

It was unbelievable.
I opened the door of the room and stepped out of it just like normal and then walked back in there and went back and forth without any problem. It was quite something.

Finally as I came out of this room and went back to the backyard I SAW SOMETHING BLACK FLOATING RIGHT ABOVE THE BACKYARD.
It looked like some sort of a Baton about 2 feet in length. It was cylindrical in shape. I asked – What is that? I was told – IT IS HIS RIDE.

I looked around to see who was talking and it seemed like another person was there now who came together with this apparently seeming Jesus whom I had not noticed before.

I looked around for this Jesus around the house and couldn’t find him again. I came back to the backyard and saw that flying baton turn into a disc and fly through a space in the sky and this other man in the air trying to close some sort of portal in the sky.
There seemed to be some sort of door in the sky invisible to my eyes but I know for sure that it was there because this second man was on the other side of this invisible door and I could tell the door was half way closed and half way open. I could see there was a big whirlwind on the other side of the door where it was closing.

I quickly ran to look at this closing portal /door and asked this person who was trying to close the door – Where did he (Jesus) go?

He answered – Oh he left. He had to go but he will be back soon. And then he closed this door in the sky and disappeared from before my eyes.
I must tell you that when that doorway in the sky was open… I could see our normal blue sky either ways through it.

I woke up with so much confusion in my head that morning and I told my husband about this weird dream that I had seen.

I could never make sense of – “Why did Jesus need a disc /ship to go places???”

“Why was he sooooooo dark compared to the Yashua whom I had seen coming on the clouds as the scripture says?”

“Why did he say – There is much more to understand….”

What was he trying to reach inside my stomach?
And then he just LEFT… didn’t bother to communicate that he was leaving but just “took off”….

For the longest time I kept this dream to myself because I thought it was so wild to even think about Jesus coming on some sort of space craft. Yet I could not put the matter to rest in my spirit.

I prayed about this dream several times because this Jesus character from the second dream looked so convincingly true.

A few months later Yahuah Father lead me to the truth.

I found out evidence pointing out to this Jesus who has infact made himself known as real Jesus to quite a few people who live in our times. He has quite a following of people. He claims he changed his name to “Sananda” after the resurrection.

You don’t have to believe a single word of what I say about this false Jesus but you can get it from the horse’s mouth itself.

The greatest deception of all times is here.
Another Jesus is ready to reveal himself to the crowds who are not saved and also to those who do not know the real Yashua ha’Mashiach.

See the proof on this website itself.
On this website this false Jesus (Sananda Jesus) has made the following statements:

  1. Apparently this being claiming to be Jesus says that He changed his name after the ressurection.
  2. Quotation from the website –
    “Sananda’s return can be seen as the prophesized second coming of Christ, if one so whishes. However, Sananda will have many things to say about the Christian church and the course it has taken, which will astonish, if not outright shock many regular churchgoers. His “second coming” will not be as a lone teacher or leader, but in the company of many from the higher dimensions”
  3. Quotation from the website –
    “Currently Sananda, Saint Germain and other Masters join other Humans in the fifth dimension in the Inner Earth (Agartha) and they frequently spend time on the New Jerusalem Starship (Mothership), which is under the Ashtar Command.”

Get ready the elect of Yashua ha’Mashiach.
There is a Jesus “not coming on the clouds” , “not coming on a horse” , and “not coming with the armies of heaven behind him on the clouds” …. But surely he is coming on a some spaceship or spacecraft with lying signs and wonders to deceive all who will be deceived because they did not know their true Massiah.

Also, make sure that you run to Yahuah Father and His only Son Yashua ha’Mashiach to understand the scripture and prophecies in the Holy Scriptures.

Because this false Jesus and those who have been deceived by him are surely going around proclaiming his dangerous version of the prophetic scriptures to the world. It is out there for anyone to hear and believe and be deceived.

Here is a sample:

When I had this warning dream about the “Jesus deception” I was a child in the true faith. I had so much growing to do to be able to understand the level of deception that the enemy is ready to bring upon the earth. It was so hard to comprehend and understand it. It took me a few months to figure it out. But Yashua was so graceful with me and gave me eyes to see, ears to hear and the mind to understand the wickedness that the enemy has planted pertaining to the faith of the saints.

My prayer is : Prepare yourself. Warn your families and friends. Children of Darkness are already at war with Children of Light. They come with great deceptions.

May Yashua ha’Mashiach keep us from being deceived. May we stay deeply rooted in the truth of His Word.

May we immerse ourselves in The Word of God so that no deception can creep in.

May Yahuah Father guard us against all deceptions that the enemy is bringing upon the Earth soon.
This I pray for all the remnant in Yashua ha’Mashiach.


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