Yashua ha’Mashiach Came on the Clouds with His Armies – Merab Olfert

Yashua ha’Mashiach Came on the Clouds with His Armies

Sep 1, 2019, 12:14 AM
Merab Olfert

This is the vision I was shown on the night of March 29th, 2018.

This is how the dream started.
I was standing in the window of my apartment in a tall multi-story building. My apartment seemed to be high up in the building – maybe on the 7th or the 10th floor. The TV was on and I was waiting for a very important news announcement to be made on the TV.

I saw that our bags were packed and we were ready to go. I don’t know where we were supposed to go in that dream at this point.

I looked out the window curiously and suddenly a great earthquake hit the Earth and a shockwave hit the air as well. At this point I knew in my spirit that people won’t be able to breathe in the air anymore after this shockwave which just hit the air. I then heard the dreadful news and said – it’s TOO LATE! IT’S TOO LATE! GO, GO, GO! LET’S GO! (I am unable to tell you the contents of the news because that has been hidden from me by Yahuah Father).
After this I saw that the colour of the sky was weird. It was a mix of Gray-Brown. And I heard people screaming as they were fleeing for their lives.
I saw from my window on the 7th or the 10th floor of the building, the water was rising up in the streets everywhere and people were still packing their cars, not knowing that there is nowhere to go. Every street was filled and flooded with water and the water was constantly rising up.

I saw another thing at a distance. Everything we know of right now…. The lands, the farms, the streets, the buildings, the houses, the parks, the trees, etc. every inch of this earth was “closing like a book” – page by page. I saw the pages of the book being closed. I saw that the houses or the buildings or the trees or whatever was on the that page (that was closing) was turning into a 2-dimensional cardboard piece and then it was folded away in such a manner that it ceased to exist.

I tell my family to pick up their stuff and run because our building was turning into a cardboard box which was about to be folded flat from the top, down towards the bottom.

I saw my family and myself leave the apartment and run down the steps when I suddenly remembered – wait-a-minute… I don’t have my passport on me, I can’t go anywhere without it. I have to go back to get my passport. I tell my family to keep running down while I will try to go quickly get my passport back (which in my head was my only piece of identity at that time). I run back upstairs and see that the part of the building where our apartment was – had already been folded down flat like a cardboard. That reality did not exist any more. I could not go back into it. I quickly run down the steps and reach an open floor of the building where all people were gathered together in one place. Nobody knew what was going on. People were scared for their lives. I saw that this floor where the people were gathered – it had no dividing walls in between. I stood in the one edge of floor, just by the balcony and in prayer I said – “Jesus, you better come now to rescue me and your people from this calamity. If you don’t come now and deliver then the” believer” will die together with the “heathen”. The end of the believer and the heathen will be the same. You better come now.”

Soon as I finished saying those words, I saw a” formation of white clouds” just above the horizon. Suddenly out of those white clouds, came a white horse, running towards my direction in great speed.

Then I saw “a MAN” sitting on the white horse, riding it with great speed.

I saw the MAN had a “golden crown” on His Head and His face was full of AUTHORITY.

I saw there was a huge army of white horses behind him, coming out of the clouds.

He turned his face to the army behind him on his right and signaled to them with the nod of his face – spread everywhere. Then he nodded and signaled to the army behind him to his left side – spread everywhere. YES, I COULD HEAR HIS THOUGHTS and I could understand Him.

From the horizon to where I was standing in the balcony of this broken building, the horse and The Rider reached me within 5 seconds or even less.
The horse stopped in mid-air… A few feet away from the edge of this balcony where I was standing and watching this scene.

This Man who was dressed like a KING, got off His horse and he walked towards me.

He was dressed as a King that I’ve never seen before. He had red robes on him. He had a golden crown on his head. His walk was KINGLY. His skin was olive colored, not too white and not too dark either. Reddish brown hair and reddish brown beard. His beard was perfectly trimmed. His eyes were PIERCING and he could look right into your Spirit and you couldn’t hide from Him. His stature was taller than everyone else around
He may have been 7 – 8 feet tall or so it seemed. Glory and kingliness belonged to Him. His face was full of authority and you could just look at Him and tell HE IS THE KING OF KINGS.

He looked straight at me and a sudden shock gripped me. I didn’t know what to think or say. At this point I already forgot what was happening around me just a few seconds ago, I had already forgotten that the world around me was ending. I looked at this KING. He started walking towards me and I started shaking and my heart started racing. As He walked towards me, He looked at every single person who was in the crowd around me, His eyes didn’t miss even a single soul. His FACE WAS VERY INTENSE. He looked at everyone and again I could HEAR his thoughts at that time. He looked at every man, woman, child and old person in the crowd and said – I KNOW YOU, AND YOU, AND I KNOW YOU TOO. He nodded His head everytime. I saw people trying to hide behind other people but it did not work because He could still see them. I also saw utter confusion on people’s faces wondering – who is this Man? How did he come from the sky?

It seemed that this KING was going to walk past by me when I suddenly stepped-up and touched His arm to stop Him.

I said – JESUS ??????
Then with realization I said – YOU ARE JESUS!!! You CAME! YOU CAME!
I was so excited yet so nervous.
I looked at His face again.
He didn’t move His lips but it was like I could hear Him speak again and He said – It was THE Obvious TIME for me to COME.

That was the end of my dream and I woke up profusely sweating and my heart beating loud like a drum.

Yes, my heart rate felt like it was going 100 km per hour.

It took me a while to realize that I was still alive but in shock. I shook my husband to wake him up and narrate to him what my eyes had been shown. My speech was so blurry that it took me about an hour to explain to him what I saw. I wondered how am I not dead because I saw the King of Glory come on the clouds with His armies behind Him and I touched Him and He allowed me to live to tell the story.

This is the dream I saw on the night before the traditional day of “Good Friday” of 2018. My life hasn’t been the same since. He has lead me to a deeper walk in His Word and His truth. This has lead me to His Truth and Word over the traditions of man or religion.

I now know what it means to be a New Creation in Yashua. I now know the meaning of repentance. I am learning what it means to be set-apart. I was born in a Christian family and have been a Christian all my life however I have only now realized what it means to worship the King of Glory, Son of Yahuah Father, Yashua ha’Mashiach. Only now do I know that He is HOLY and Righteous and what it says in Hebrew 12:14 (b) “….. work at living a holy life, for those who are not holy will not see the Lord.”
Hebrews 12:14 NLT

Reference scripture:

“Then everyone will see the Son of Man coming on the clouds with great power and glory. And he will send out his angels to gather his chosen ones from all over the world —from the farthest ends of the earth and heaven.”
Mark 13:26‭-‬27 NLT

” Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see YAH.”

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