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Behold My Face – Casey Ellis


Behold My Face

September 20, 2020 8:21 PM
Casey Ellis

3 dreams, a vision and a word.

Dream 9/16/20 from my daughter.
My daughter had a series of repetitive dreams which she shared on 9/16 after waking up from one. She told me she was with some friends talking about everything that had just happened. They told her that it was just training and not the real thing yet. They had been battling entities dressed in full metal gear similar to star wars. The entities were evil and holding innocent people in a church. They were able to rescue those people but upstairs there were babies everywhere and the floor was about to cave in. Somehow they rescued them all. She said the majority of the dream was fighting the entities.

Dream on 9/18/20
I dreamt that I was telling my husband that no matter what we couldn’t take the mark of the beast. As soon as I said that I heard the news announce they were offering $1000 for anyone who took it.

Dream on 9/19/20
I dreamt that my daughter and I were on a large body of water. We were at the northernmost part. At first we were seeing different things in the water for war. Soon things were coming together and I heardThe nuclear weapons are ready.” At that point I saw a massive shield over large part of the water made of metal. It represented the Iron Dome. Missile defense system. Inside were nuclear warheads: only three or four, but at least one of them was white. I remember telling my daughter we only had three days then begging her to repent because we were out of time. (When I woke up and sat down to write, instead of September I wrote December. I think God was saying that the 3 days mentioned in the dream represents 3 months.)

As I was still laying down I had a vision.
I was looking out a window and saw a layer of fine white ash or Fallout on the ground and either more falling or the wind blowing some more around. Later after praying. I was given Exodus 9: 8- 12. This is when Moses threw soot from the furnace up into the air. And it caused boils to break out.
Also heard, “The plagues of before become the plagues of again.”

Today, I received a word from the Lord.
“Feel my anointing on you, my daughter. I have burdened you with a burden, with a prophecy for this nation. See I have appointed you as a Watchman. Isaiah 21 Watch, declare the word, what you see. White Throne Judgement. I am here, my daughter. The sheep from the goats.(Matthew 25:32)

See! I am speaking to you. (I hadn’t realized that the passage in Matthew He quoted was about the white throne judgement.)

Declare the word of the Lord. Disaster, Calaamity, Plague, Pestilence. Am I not God to send these things?

(His voice became sorrowful at this point.) Oh, my people, my people! I called so many times. When will you come and behold my face? The time has come. The time is now. Seek me! I long for you as the sentry longs for the dawn. Jeremiah 29:11-19, Psalm 130:6

The time is so short.”

Please pray for my family’s salvation. My daughter has had prophetic dreams before but is so very lost. Thank you!


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