Behold I come Quickly and I shall give to everyone according as their works shall be – Tess Ann Macallister

“ Behold I come Quickly and I shall give to everyone according as their works shall be”


Tess Ann Macallister

Dear Lord Jesus do you have a message for us today ?  Yes daughter I do. Yea I confess Jesus Christ has come in the flesh. It is I the Lord Jesus that speaks to you this day. This message is for my remnant army and bride that includes you Tess. My people I am coming much sooner than you think. Do you feel a sense of urgency in your spirit? You should. Time is running out for you to choose who you will serve and what you will do for your life. Your very purpose here is worship serve obey trust believe in and bring others to me. Daughter prophesy unto your brothers and sisters. My people the time to get right with me is NOW not later. My sanctified remnant army and bride knows better than to ignore salvation and eternity . Where do you want to spend eternity ?. Forgive, repent, let go and surrender to me . Surrender everything. I will not accept a lukewarm surrender or where you repent then go back to the same sin the very next day. To repent means to turn away from all sin. My people you should know no sin is worth an eternity separated from me and the father. Come to me on your knees in humble surrender and ask me to reveal to you what you need to repent of or stop doing and I will reveal it to you. I died a horrific death for you so you could spend eternity with me and not with the enemy (Satan). Ask me what you need to do and I will reveal it to you. Dark days are coming for those who do NOT know me and those who think they know me but do not. Until I come for you every day your faith will be greatly tested. This is because I am trying to make my bride strong for me. I have eyes only for her. She follows me wherever I go and does my will. Every day she worships me repents sincerely reads my word the Bible and does her best to follow and obey my commandments. This is who I am returning for . A HOLY and clean people. You would be shocked to learn many Christians go to hell. I say this to warn you not scare you my people. Anything such as gossip, lying, cursing, swearing, Rebellion, disobedience, pride, anger, bitterness, hatred, malice , lust, greed, selfishness, cheating, stealing , adultery, un-forgiveness etc could land you in hell!!!. Be careful in your daily activities, comings and going’s , what you say and do and how you treat others!!! I see and hear all of what goes on!!! Nothing is hidden from me and the Father. WE SEE EVERYTHING!!!! My people you need to take the words I give this daughter of mine seriously. She is one of my vessels that I use to speak through. She takes no credit for what she does or says through me. This ministry is not about her . This ministry is about me and my Father. She is my faithful humble servant. She is a true witness. My people I will never give you words to feel good or feed your sinful flesh. I am a serious God and I need to be taken seriously. Most who claim to know me DO NOT !!! Heed my warnings. WOE UNTO THOSE WHO CALL THEMSELVES MINE YET WHO DISOBEY ME AND LEAD MY SHEEP ASTRAY WITH FEEL GOOD TICKLE THE EARS KINDS OF MESSAGES!!!. My people you have entered a new season of testing, refining and trials. I will strengthen you during this time. Much chaos, sorrow, pain , tragedy, destruction and wrath is coming especially to Babylon North America!!!. My people I want you to be aware of the coming danger and judgments . I do not want you to stay behind to suffer. I want you to be ready to come home with me. My timing is not the same as yours. Expect your departure from this world to be much sooner than you think !!!. REPENT!!! FORGIVE !!LET GO !! My people now is NOT the time to get distracted, lazy , complacent, backsliden or go back into the world. Your focus should be on me and my word the Bible alone !!! I am the way the truth and the life. No one comes unto the Father but by me. There is no other way to salvation works or religion cannot save you either. If you stand before me without having a proper relationship with me as father ,best friend, redeemer, healer, savior, master ,teacher, rock , leader guide king and lord and without my blood covering having never repented of your sins and never surrendering to me then you will hear DEPART FROM ME YE THAT WORK INIQUITY INTO THE EVERLASTING FIRE PREPARED FOR THE DEVIL AND HIS AGENTS I NEVER KNEW YOU !! I say to this to warn you my people out of love. Those who are mine I constantly convict Chastise reprove and rebuke. I want a spot and wrinkle free bride. Not a person filled with darkness and sin. The stench of sin is filling my nostrils and I am deeply angered by mankind. Not at my faithful humble servants. But at the world and the state it is in and where it is going. Daughter if I came back today only 5% would be taken. My people come to me while it is still easy do not wait for me to come and get right with me after the rapture as it will be too late and the only way into my kingdom by then will be to be tortured and beheaded for your faith in me . My people take these urgent words seriously !!! BEHOLD I COME QUICKLY “ I AM “ “YAHUSHUA” HAS SPOKEN AMEN AND AMEN “.

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