Dec 24, 2019 10:40 AM
Collins Ouma

Shalom fellow saints.This is the word the Lord spoke to us on our 15th Day Praying and Fasting.

It is God, Emmanuel , the Lord with you.Do not sorrow nor be sad.Do not loose heart.I am with you to strengthen you.I will guide and each of you.I will never abandon nor forsake you.In the very near future I will do a thing that will surprise the whole world.Spread forth My word the coming of My Son Jesus Christ all over to your friends,your workmates ,your neighbour and family. Woe to them that will reject,despise,deny and deject My warnings.They will be judged according to what they have heard.Let your voices be loud to declaring the coming of the Son to be very near.

Behold My ELECT,MY SONS AND DAUGHTERS GREAT SORROW AND TRIBULATIONS are about to befall man and the world.Only them that are MINE WILL STAND.

My Son Collins speak forth My Word and instructions to MY REMNANT THE ELECT.To him who have ears will hear you.Whoever shall a question( others are asking you genuinely while others to scorn and despise you and trap you) let him ask for My Spirit will give you an answer to them for THIS IS MY WORD AND WORK NOT YOURS.Whoever seeks clarification let him come humbly obediently to ME and will answer and clarify for I can speak equally to all of you my sons and daughters.So speak forth bodly and with authority for its My Word you are speaking forth.

Behold MY ELECT the enemy has released dewmonic agents to oppose and seek to destroy.Be careful and alert.Do not be troubled I AM IS WITH YOU.Just pray and you will overcome him and his hoads of demons.I will preserve this place and you MY ELECT will be kept,preserved and secured safe under My watch for I AM NEITHER SLEEPS NOR SLUMBERS.I have a purpose and a plan for you MY ELECT.IT MUST COME TO PASS.VERY VERY SOON I WILL DO A SIGN THAT WILL TAKE THE WORLD WITH SURPRISE.ONLY THOSE ARE MINE SHALL UNDERSTAND FOR I DO NOT DO ANYTHING WITHOUT INFORMING MY OWN.

Just stand .Do not get weary of waiting for I AM with you and will COMPLETE THE WORK I HAVE BEGUN IN YOU.

Shalom and love
Br Collins Ouma
Busia, KENYA

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