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Be prepared for what is coming – Mary Rose


Be prepared for what is coming

February 18, 2022 11:17 AM
Mary Rose

Dear Sir

My name is Mary Rose and I am from the Philippines. The Holy Spirit led me to your site around late December of last year or perhaps early January of this year. I really cannot remember.

I received a word from Abba Father God in April 2020, which He has been impressing in my spirit daily since October 2021. He said: “be prepared for what is coming”. I asked Abba to please lead me to what I must know, and I started researching about it, and that led me to your website, and also others, that also prophesies.

After reading the post/vision from McKana on 15 February, I now must share the words and dreams given to me by Abba Father God. Most of them have already been confirmed by other messengers/watchmen/ watchwomen.

There are many so I will just enumerate them by date:

January 6, 2020: word from Abba

January 4, 2020 is the beginning of the end. Madami pang mangyayari. Malapit na ang paghuhukom. Nakatakda. Huwag mabahala. Translation: January 4, 2020 is the beginning of the end. Many more will happen. Judgement is coming. It is written, do not be alarmed.

This has come to pass. On January 12, 2020, Taal volcano in Batangas province, Philippines, erupted, sending ashes thousands of miles, and even reached the capital Manila. And of course, Covid happened all over the globe.

April 2020: word from Abba
Be prepared for what is coming.

October/November 2021: an impression from the Holy Spirit of something happening in December 2021, that will take people’s minds off Christmas. This has come to pass. December 16, Typhoon Odette, category 5, made landfall in Surigao, across Cebu, Dumaguete, Palawan. The aftermath of the typhoon was devastating.
Within the same time frame, I kept hearing in my spirit: February 2022.

October-December 2021: daily promptings from the Holy Spirit of word received in April 2020 – “be prepared for what is coming”. Received understanding to prepare physically (food+shelter), mentally, emotionally, and most importantly – spiritually.

December 2021: dream
I was walking with a friend, though I do not know her in real life, and we came across a hangar located in the middle of a field. It seemed like we were in the countryside (Philippine setting) but I do not recognize the place. We entered the property from one side of the fence, when we noticed some foreign looking soldiers resting underneath the several small private planes parked outside of the hangar. They do not seem to notice us and I looked closely at one of the soldiers and I saw the patch on his fatigue uniform said UN. As we walked past them towards the other side of the fence where we exited, I joked with my friend telling her that I think I know who owns the hangar. End of dream.

After I got my new Bible with bigger font in January of this year, it kept opening to the book of Hosea. At first I did not see it as a sign from Abba to read it, until I received a literal prompting from the Holy Spirit.

It is Abba Father God’s judgement on idolatry. The Philippines is mostly a catholic nation and most of its followers worship and pray to their wooden/stone idols. The book of Hosea talks about dealings with Assyria and eventually being invaded and enslaved by them.

Abba Father God made me understand that the Philippines would one day be invaded and enslaved by China, and a war would break out between China and another country and Philippines would be the battleground.

January 22, 2022: heard this words moments before waking up – “Time is at the end. Time is upon us.”

January 24, 2022: heard this words in my sleep – ” Are you ready for a severe one ____ attack?” I did not hear the word spoken after the word one. Message was not repeated. I am sorry, but even in sleep I still suffer from hearing impairment.

February 3, 2022: received this word during sleep, repeated over and over and woke me up: “80% of this world will be destroyed”.

February 4, 2022: dream/vision, because I could not tell if I was dreaming or I was awake and being shown a vision.

Antipolo Cathedral ( I used to be catholic) destruction, either by a bomb or earthquake. I was standing at the center of the altar where the priest stands while conducting mass. I was facing west towards the choir loft, looking over all the debris. About 1/4 part of the dome of the church was destroyed. I did not see if there were any dead people lying around as I was looking at the destroyed part of the dome. End of dream/vision.

Kuya Yeshua told me in 2011 that this particular cathedral will be destroyed someday, but I felt in my spirit that He was also referring to the Catholic Church in general.

February 12, 2022: moments before waking up, I heard this word – ” A storm chilled. Many will not make it.” I feel in my spirit that this word is for my country as we are located in the tropics and many people, those living in the slum areas, would be the most affected by this.

February 14, 2022: again, moments before waking up, I heard this word – “44 Jewels”. I asked Abba for understanding and I was led to look up 44 meaning in the Bible, and a site says that it pertains to the 44 days period from Yeshua’s crucifixion until His Ascension. Source: https://www.biblestudy.org/bibleref/meaning-of-numbers-in-bible/44.html

Further, I read post/message of Julie Whedbee dated Feb. 12 about King Yeshua coming for His Remnants, and He called them My Jewels.

Another site said that 44 is the number of the true chosen ones. Source: https://godskingdom.org/blog/2011/10/the-biblical-meaning-of-44
Putting all together, if I may, I believe King Yeshua is saying that He is soon coming for His chosen ones, His Remnants, His Jewels.
Bible references:
Zechariah 9:16
Malachi 3:17

February 15, 2022: I heard a voice say, just before waking up: “battleground“.

February 16, 2022: heard this random words: NASA civilian Russian

February 17, 2022:

I had a dream of Nephilims disguised as trees or are in tree form.
At the start of the dream, I was walking alone along a country lane (which did not look to be in my country) with trees on both sides. The place seemed deserted. On my right side of the lane, the trees lead to what looks like a forest. While on the left, it leads to an open field where a lone house sits on top of a hill.

Next scene:
I was with my deceased older brother and we were hiding from the Nephilims inside this house. Once we were outside in the open field, a Nephilim tree spotted us and started chasing us. We stood our ground and waited for the Nephilim, who was transforming into a semi-human form but still huge in stature, to attack us. As it approached, my brother and I were in formation, with him ready to swing me holding me by the hands and using my legs and feet as a weapon to deter and hurl away the Nephilim. In the dream it seemed that it was the way to defeat the Nephilims. End of dream.

There are more, but the Holy Spirit is urging me to share this now and just send the rest (some are for the Philippines) later if there is still time.

I hope these may help those who needed to hear these, as I have been carrying this in my heart for sometime. I thank Abba Father God and Yeshua our King for leading me to your site. Be blessed!

Thank you and kind regards,
Mary Rose


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