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Be Careful My Children Murmur Not For It Will Destroy You!

August 12, 2021 8:01 PM

August 12, 2021

Scriptural Reference: Read Numbers Chapter 14 Verses 1 – 39

I AM offering My Remnant a new land of Milk & Honey, in the Era of Peace. All who choose God and reject satan and his anti-Christ, will enter in. For I will remake the world you have soiled beyond repair. The rest shall die in the desert, like the fearful, disobedient generation who left Egypt, safely under My Hand. This world will shortly become a desert, for you have multiplied your golden calves until they fill your homes, minds, hearts and souls. You have turned the chattel of this fallen world into idols that replace the honor, obedience and duty owed to your God, you have collectively and individually abandoned.

You human beings are not self-generated. You have abandoned your Father in Heaven to run after filth and rotten corruption that which does not prosper, satisfy for more than a fleeting moment and turns sour in the stomach, after your eyes and mouths have feasted on the snake king’s seduction and enticement. There has been no thought for your eternity, children, or neighbor, or even tomorrow as you grasped after the evil bait and swallowed without remorse, thought or fear.

Now when the horrors start to roll out many will scream “Where Is God? There Is No God! No God Could Allow This To Happen?” You yourselves made the cement of blood and hate to consolidate the kingdom of the anti-Christ. Your forefathers did the same before you. The evil one told Albert Pike in the 19th century, he needed three world wars to create his world kingdom. The first two have passed and now comes the third, which the “man of peace” will create, control and resolve (all lies and satanic ritual bloodbath).

So you will curse God. You will no longer know how to love your own souls, bodies, children, neighbors, enemies, your Creator God, who watches you mankind run down the wide road to the lake of fire, in a frenzy of distraction, satanic joy and indifference to your eternal fate.

When the Israelites came to the edge of the Promised Land, after they miraculously left Egypt, forty men were sent into the land to spy and scout out the people and their land. They came back and were overwhelmed with fear. They poisoned the people with doubt and they Murmured against God. Thirty-eight of them died and two survived My judgment on them. Two survived My Hand: Josue, the son of Nun and Caleb, the son of Jephone. All This Is Now Being Repeated! You Christians of today (and those that choose Christ The Messiah at the Warning Experience or Illumination of Conscience), are at the edge of the Promised land of the Era of Peace. Sadly, again most will Murmur, not have the stamina, fortitude, patience, faith and trust (Pray For All These Attributes!) in God Almighty and will not pass into the Promised land. They will succumb and take the Vaccine & Mark of the Beast.

You yourselves are sorting yourselves out, of your own free wills. Those that realize that God is Always God and His Arm is not shortened, are few. The horrors that will shortly ensue will make even the strong man fall. Who can survive then? For many are called but few are chosen, because your fallen race are weak and you have been lulled into a comfort zone of ease, luxury, plenty and sin, over the course of time. God Is Always God! I AM have to respect your choices, though I mourn the loss of My Children.

Fear Not You Who Recognize Your God I AM Will Provide, Will Succor, Will Save You, Your Children, Your Land, Your Animals, Your Lives. The rest will be blown away like chaff in the Winds of Change, Judgment and Wrath.


Note: The life-size bronze statue of Albert Pike in Washington, DC, is a sign that that city will soon be utterly destroyed. He is one of the great Kings of the Orient (read Masonic Brotherhood), who worked for the annihilation of Christianity and the “Great Work of the Ages”, the coming of anti-Christ. His tome “Morals & Dogma” is a triumph of infamy and all those who have swallowed the same satanic lies will be burning straw for the serpent’s nest for all eternity!



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