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Barack is Back – Not the Devil’s Property

Official White House Photographer Pete Souza
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Barack is Back

May 22, 2021 8:23 PM
Not the Devil’s Property
Brisbane City, Australia

A few months back around February I had a dream and a few days later an open vision about the son of Destruction. The dream: I saw a dark landscape from an open field. On the horizon I saw smouldering buildings with plumes of grey smoke ascending. Next I saw in the open field a dead tree with a large human size bat hanging upside down swaying in the wind. To my horror like something out of a horror movie I saw this ugly bat open up its skin and out come a man wearing dark clothes. I clearly saw that it was Obama and he had an evil grin on his face. He felt right at home with the dark ruined surroundings and said to himself… Welcome to my nightmare chaos is my friend! End of dream.

Open Vision: I was doing a few chores around home when suddenly I fell into an open vision. I saw there had been some major Cataclysmic earth shaking event (I sense it was like an asteroid strike or a nuclear major explosion) I then saw Obama at a podium with many news cameras on him. He said...in view of the current crisis the constitution is now suspended and I am in command. End of vision.

2 Thess. Chapter 2.

May God in Christ have mercy on us all.

Tony. Brisbane city Australia

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