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BALLS OF FIRE – Jared Olfert


Monday, September 9, 2019 12:43:51 AM
Jared Olfert

I ask you to please share with me if you receive any revelations about what it could mean.

Brother in Yeshua,


Dream – June 2019

I was on my parents’ old farm in this dream. It was night time. My wife was with me and my children were with me. I was also with an old friend of mine and his brother (whom I haven’t seen in a long time).

What was happening in the dream was it was during the night that we happened to look up in the sky and see a big burning ball (meteorite), coming down to hit the earth.

I looked up in the sky and my wife and I saw a large meteorite (ball of fire) coming towards the earth (towards us) and little bits and pieces were breaking off this meteorite and raining down on us.

In panic I tell my wife – get in the truck. Our kids were already in it. However I couldn’t get to the truck in time before a piece hit me.

When the pieces of meteorite (little balls of fire) were coming down, I saw both my friend and his brother were trying to save their lives by running away from us towards the house. We ran to the truck. They ran towards the house.

Suddenly, one of the small pieces of this comet / star hit my friend’s brother and hit him in the face and killed him instantly and that was pretty shocking to see in that dream but at the same time another piece of this star / comet came down and hit me.

I was shocked that the meteorite hit my friend’s brother but I wasn’t saddened by it.

The moment it hit me it just turned into soft dark moist rich soil like the best stuff I have ever seen. I knew it would make the best soil for potting any plants.

I remember that in the dream, next day, my wife and I went back to the spot where the meteorite /comet / star had hit. The area where it hit was the area where I grew up (my childhood place). We saw the area of impact and it looked like the meteorite had made a deep long trench where it hit. The trench looked like it must have been a couple miles long.

There was no fire or smoke. It looked like somebody put a finger in the dirt and drew a line in it.

In the end my family was fine there in our truck; no harm came to my family; I was fine as well. I only had a little dirt on my shirt (exact spot where my heart was) where I was hit by this meteorite.

This was the end of the dream.

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  1. Thanks brother for sharing.
    A little stain on your heart caused by a meteorite?

    Well, am not here to interpret your dream, but this is what I think about it.

    This is what a stain in your cloth in the dream may signify.

    Maybe you should Examine your heart to see if there is any thing you need to amend.

    I had a similar dream a very long time ago….something serious was happening can’t remember what it was, but we were running to a safe place.

    We were putting on white garments and when I was running I fell inside a mud and my garment had this dotted stains all over it, just few of them, and I was very unhappy.

    I prayed about it, and God placed it in my heart that those stains were the hidden sins I used to commit then.

  2. Alecia Mead

    Anyone hit by a fireball will die to themselves and be anointed by God. A group of brothers and sisters were discussing the meaning of the fireball dreams during a prayer meeting last week. You are being given a pure heart.

  3. New Jersey. Farrell

    I had a dream like that,I’m guessing about 10 years ago.i was standing by myself somewere and looking up,and like little balls of fire were all around me.im from manville new jersey.

  4. TrinidadWarrior777

    Very interesting dream, Upon reading it , the dream seemed to be symbolic on one side and perhaps literal on another. Many prophecies in revelation hint at fire falling from the sky . But from a parable perspective god speaks often of cleansing his remnant with fire. Like a fiery trial that is supposed to purify and help us grow. People who are not strong in the faith could possibly despair or even die from the lack of refinement god uses, to guide each of us along the path, where we need to be.
    Somehow I see the soil as a fertile impact that god’s word has during times of fiery trials. Someone who might possibly be an unbeliever, like his sons friend perhaps? would not be able to withstand or survive the trial for lack of faith in God. Many prophecies have warned us to be prepared and many times I asked myself what are we preparing for? I believe the answer is, that only god can prepare us as we build a personal relationship with him. He leads us through the fiery trials that are coming to earth like a meteor . Perhaps there might even be a physical asteroid like revelation8:8 describes” something like a great mountain burning with fire was thrown into the sea…” Either way God will protect those who are prepared to receive and seek him. No doubt about that. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to conclude as much. Love the dream; its very profound in any case.

  5. Hi Jared- What an amazing experience you had! Please don’t lose hope waiting for your dream interpretation, for some of these things are answered in the Lord’s perfect timing, which might be only a little at a time in some cases. Your dream reminded me of a supernatural trip the Lord took me on about 11 or 12 years ago. Check out some of the similarities here- I don’t know exactly how, but I was in abiding rest time on my couch when I was taken on a very real journey to Alpha Centauri, that astronomers say is 4.3 light years away, our nearest star. The name of the star system was whispered to me by holy Spirit after my return home, a trip that took about 3 hours of earth time while in a very deep sleep. I saw several other people there, but not their faces, who were cultivating the soil all around a certain small house, which I was given to know was for ‘seed storage’. As an avid gardener myself, I was amazed & astonished at how beautiful the soil looked, so clean, rich, & moist, just perfect for planting! Someone gave me some seeds in my right hand to plant, & so I studied them carefully up close for a few moments, & counted 8 little tiny seeds that in my thoughts looked like tomato seeds? I was so excited to plant them in the soil & was thinking how nice it would be to come back in about 6 months to see how well they grew? I imagined returning to find giant red-ripe juicy tomatoes all over the yard!? Again, I took another look & stared at the rich fertile soil, amazed at how beautiful it was!
    In a second part of this dream experience, as I flew thru space on a discovery tour with a giant light-emitting angel on my left, I noticed a strange looking comet/meteor not too far away on my right. I wanted to fly closer & investigate it, so I looked over at the angel escorting me, & he seemed to know my thoughts & allowed me to veer to the right for a closer look. At first, I thought the object was a small moon, but as we drew nearer, I was amazed at it’s most unusual formation. There were many thin fins in a huge circle that appeared to be spun out from a once molten core. (I compare this to the fins on the underside of a mushroom, as a rough example.) It all looked like cooled molten rock now. I decided to fly thru the object, & so aimed my flight path between 2 of the fins for a close-up view. I would estimate the over-all size of this small planetary object to be maybe 1,000 ft in diameter? I don’t know why I was shown both the soil & the meteor in the same trip? That part of Jared’s dream caught my attention. What I wanted to share was that I saw all of that a long time ago, but it took me all of this time until just recently when I suddenly realized one day what was so different about the soil on that planet. It had no weeds in it! No wonder it looked so wonderful! Only earth is under a certain curse due to sin, as we know from Genesis, where mankind would have to work & toil to get the ground to produce. There was much more to this prophetic experience, but that was the only part that seemed remotely relevant. Thanks. Anyone with helpful comments can contact me at rickwatkins@yahoo.com

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