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BALLS OF FIRE – Jared Olfert


Monday, September 9, 2019 12:43:51 AM
Jared Olfert

I ask you to please share with me if you receive any revelations about what it could mean.

Brother in Yeshua,


Dream – June 2019

I was on my parents’ old farm in this dream. It was night time. My wife was with me and my children were with me. I was also with an old friend of mine and his brother (whom I haven’t seen in a long time).

What was happening in the dream was it was during the night that we happened to look up in the sky and see a big burning ball (meteorite), coming down to hit the earth.

I looked up in the sky and my wife and I saw a large meteorite (ball of fire) coming towards the earth (towards us) and little bits and pieces were breaking off this meteorite and raining down on us.

In panic I tell my wife – get in the truck. Our kids were already in it. However I couldn’t get to the truck in time before a piece hit me.

When the pieces of meteorite (little balls of fire) were coming down, I saw both my friend and his brother were trying to save their lives by running away from us towards the house. We ran to the truck. They ran towards the house.

Suddenly, one of the small pieces of this comet / star hit my friend’s brother and hit him in the face and killed him instantly and that was pretty shocking to see in that dream but at the same time another piece of this star / comet came down and hit me.

I was shocked that the meteorite hit my friend’s brother but I wasn’t saddened by it.

The moment it hit me it just turned into soft dark moist rich soil like the best stuff I have ever seen. I knew it would make the best soil for potting any plants.

I remember that in the dream, next day, my wife and I went back to the spot where the meteorite /comet / star had hit. The area where it hit was the area where I grew up (my childhood place). We saw the area of impact and it looked like the meteorite had made a deep long trench where it hit. The trench looked like it must have been a couple miles long.

There was no fire or smoke. It looked like somebody put a finger in the dirt and drew a line in it.

In the end my family was fine there in our truck; no harm came to my family; I was fine as well. I only had a little dirt on my shirt (exact spot where my heart was) where I was hit by this meteorite.

This was the end of the dream.

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