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Biological Encoding And Satellite Tracking

August 4, 2021
Lisa Dennis Sparks

I find it incredible that so many believers are accepting this technology into their flesh bodies that is actually biological captivity.

This is so far advanced beyond what we know man is capable of at this point, there is NO WAY that man came up with this level of tech by himself. It was given to those who serve evil here by fallen angels, which they like to refer to as “aliens”. Their tech is so microscopic, you can’t see it with the naked eye. This tech just happens to connect to a quantum computer system (tech also provided by fallen angels/aliens).

This is how you achieve Biological Encoding And Satellite Tracking (B.E.A.S.T.) of every person on the earth. This is the beast system you are being connected to when you accept it, BUT IT IS NOT THE MARK OF THE BEAST. That doesn’t come until the beast arrives, and everyone already connected to the system when he takes it over will be required to bow down and worship the beast.

When they refuse, they can be killed by the beast who controls the system at that point. Alien tech in ROME connecting with alien tech inside your body – and you don’t even know it. That is why the Bible says TAKE HEED THAT YOU NOT BE DECEIVED…….because Satan has been deceiving believers for thousands of years. He is very good at his job, and we are stupid like sheep.

You are accepting this tech by consent – because they DID TELL YOU that it wasn’t medicine, but rather a new technology. They DID TELL YOU that it was an “operating system for the body that can be upgraded.” You DID have to consent to take it, and roll up your sleeve. You DID KNOW you were accepting a merging of technology with your biological body…..even though it is highly doubtful that you had any clue what was really happening to you.

Those who understand and have done their homework are NOT taking it.

We have been watching for a chip in the right hand or the forehead, and it turns out that kind of tech is ancient at this point. What they have now is so high tech, it makes a chip look outdated. With this tech, no chip is necessary at all. That is why so many believers who know not to take a chip are accepting this new tech. They have not made the connection in their minds that a chip is actually far less threatening than the connection being established by this new technology. They are not recognizing (“seeing”) the prophecies being fulfilled – as they are being fulfilled right before their eyes. They are walking into captivity like stupid sheep by the thousands……

With a chip, you could just remove it……..but there is no removing this tech from the body once it has been accepted. It is running through your veins – your whole body is one big chip, a super conductor that utilizes graphite, which is a toxin, but also is a dozen times more conductive than copper. Your body now sends out a signal that is received by this quantum system. The system can also send upgrades to the tech inside your body, so you can easily be converted over to a global digital economic system.
The system gathers every tiny bit of information it can collect on the net about you and stores it – so that when they pull you up, they have your identification, they have precise knowledge of what is happening inside your body, and they know every tiny thing there is to know about you. Upgrades can be sent to accommodate a global digital economy, and also many other things. The storage capacity of this system is off the charts. There is no limit to the details that can be stored in that database.

In the right trustworthy hands, this tech would be totally awesome…….I have to admit that. God has already warned us that this won’t turn out well, and that keeps me from taking it. The reason to refuse it is to prevent yourself from becoming a biological captive like a tagged animal. The prophecies in the scriptures warn us about combining technology with our flesh body because the tech is definitely NOT in the right hands. It is in the hands of those who are wicked, so we have to consider the potential damage that could be done under their control. What can they do??

They can track you anywhere on the planet within less than one meter. They can send signals and upgrades, and make changes to your body on the inside – like give you cancer, or a brain tumor, or something else awful if you refuse to align with their agenda. It would look like natural causes, wouldn’t it??

This is about population control. They plan to wipe out huge sections of Africa first, because the evil globalists consider the people there as non productive, resource consuming, parasites in their ghastly new world order. That is how evil thinks…….

With everyone connected to the system, they would have total control over the entire human race. We CANNOT just sit back and let this happen without standing up against it…..EVEN though the Scriptures say they will overcome us, and murder us for doing so. How can we do otherwise?? How can we just lay down and let evil take the entire human race into biological captivity?? WE CAN’T…….we have to warn the people what the implications really are by accepting this tech into their bodies.

NO……..something this prophetically significant will NOT go unreported to the people – NOT ON MY WATCH.

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