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ATMs Dysfunctioning, Financial Collapse, Safe Havens For “2nd Rounders” – Susan

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ATMs Dysfunctioning, Financial Collapse, Safe Havens For “2nd Rounders”

February 11, 2021 9:19 PM

Jan 2019 –
Scene One – I had requested $70 (1 $20 note & 1 $50 note) from the ATM. There was an error on the screen. Suddenly, multiple $50 notes started coming out of the machine over and over! I looked at one of the notes, and strangely, it had 7 gold 1 dollar coins attached to it, it came out of the machine like that. A man that I knew tells me to return the money since I had been given too much. I walk down the hill to the bank. I tell the Bank teller what has happened and she says “I haven’t seen money like this before”. She rings for assistance from the head office on the telephone. I looked outside and the sky was gray, I knew it was a regular work day, because the bank was open and people were wearing work attire. I looked up at the TV while at the bank, and some type of calamity had happened. Then I saw that the bank I was in had closed, but I wasn’t sure if it was because of the calamity or it was just closing time. I asked the girl if she needed to go home, she wasn’t really clear, but I assumed that she must have had to leave, because she then said to me she would use her sick pay. I thought it a bit strange that she would share that with me. So then I get locked in the bank.

Scene Two: I was in a warehouse, there were tractors, there were many kids, my son tells me he has been waiting for me to get there. The kids (approximately 8-13 years old) had been playing with Retro toys. I had knowledge in the dream that they were being protected by Jesus. I went to my room and there was a bag full of things including blue and pink sneakers.


I believe Scene One has a few meanings. First, I had the impression that all the extra money represents the abundance given to the First Fruits to help them with their assignments in leading the 2nd rounders (the multitude that stays behind needing refining in Tribulation) to safety, and helping to provide for them during the Tribulation. In relation to the calamity – it could have been related to the coming financial crash – however – now that we know about Coronavirus, this could also have been the calamity – especially because the bank teller told me she would use “sick time”.

Scene Two is representing the 2nd rounders that are being protected in the safe havens. And I represented the First Fruits transfigured harvest workers working their assignments in the Harvest assisting the 2nd rounders.

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