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Asteroid & Panic – Pastor Jose David

Asteroid & Panic

August 26, 2021 3:10 PM
Pastor Jose David
El Salvador

Dream received in the morning on August 23,2021
I went with my wife to visit my in-laws. I found myself inside a supermarket, or a clothing store, am not sure which one. I saw that the people were running, desperate and in anguish. These people would take everything they found in their path. I found myself shopping for baby clothing. I exited that store and I then found myself on some type of city, there was a lot of activity, stores, commerce and the streets were paved.

I saw the people running back and forth desperate, I did not understand what was happening, I looked up to the sky and I saw that many big rocks were about to fall on the earth and that is why the people runned to and fro, desparate & scared.

Then I found myself inside a mountain, I was like inside a large cave, there were people there cooking on fire pits.

Then I saw myself outside the mountain, and I saw the mountain fall down, like a landslide.

All the people inside the cave in that mountain perished in the landslide.

I felt in my spirit that the government or NASA will try to break those rocks or try to change it’s course, but they wont be able to change its course and instead they will break it in many pieces.

The LORD alerts us about these things before they happen so that we can prepare.

GOD bless you all.

You can find more of these revelations in the Youtube Channel in Spanish “VOZ DE ATALAYA


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