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Archangel Gabriel & The Apostle Of The End Times: Part I – The Scribe


Archangel Gabriel & The Apostle Of The End Times: Part I

August 20, 2021 6:30 PM
The Scribe

August 20, 2021

Once upon a time, the Power of God Archangel Gabriel visited one of the 72 Apostles of the End Times and gave him a dream-vision, that lasted the whole night. This happened in early spring, when the snow had not receded from the ground of his northern clime, as yet. Now to recount all that the “songe” contained would need a book, because heavenly things are not given in an earthly time frame. Because God is Eternal and time for Him, past, present and future are always in the now. For these three are seamless.

Now this End Time Apostle recounted many of the things of his time in eternity, to me. But in the world there is always only so much time, to spend with a friend or loved-one before the day ends, duty calls, one is called away or the needs of the body make their demands. And so it was that I only received a kernel of the tale of this luminous nocturnal visit, from the shining one Gabriel, who along with Michael The Witness of God and Raphael The Healer of God mount the steps under God’s Throne continually.

We spoke of many things and I had many questions to ask him and he freely gave me answer to all my interested queries. Many things that have been hidden to mankind’s knowledge, are coming forward in these Last Days, that mankind may awaken again to their divine origin and prepare to embattle the snake king and his hordes of slaves both human and spirit, in this final battle before the Era Of Peace: The Great Tribulation. For we are not at the end of time altogether but have crossed the threshold of vice in society and the extremities of the human will, has been reached.

Why is it that mankind is only really interested in human knowledge, over the divine or superhuman knowledge? We are transfixed with the here and now. But this age is collapsing around us now and the end of it is truly here. Because of sin and pride, intellectual knowledge and science have not been utilized to understand, promote or come closer to God, or the things of God. They have been wedded to evil incarnate and its advance to a penultimate confrontation between God and the evil ones.

So you can accept or reject what follows, I am only The Scribe…
End of Part I

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