Appropriate Measures – Ruth Johnson


Appropriate Measures

November 15, 2021 8:56 PM
Ruth Johnson

Appropriate measures
Will be enacted
A plumb line lowered down
Light from Him
Won’t be refracted
Undimmable and sound
Words from Him
Will be recorded
Battle lines drawn
The roaring seas
Will be unleashed
To travel on the ground

All will know He is God
All will know He is exacting
All will know how far they fell
The humility they’re lacking
All will bow to Him Alone
All will bruise their knees
Their faces planted in the ground
For breaking His Decrees

Generals and kings
With their mighty men
Lining up for war
To fight to the end
Marching feet to the drummer’s beat
Horses snort and paw
Waiting for the go ahead
Which is the final call

Armageddon does await
For each and every soul
And not one will be late
For this the final goal

What have we done
Beneath His sun?
Blurred the lines
Fogged the air?
Lost our way
And did not care?
Broke our thrones
Cut our hair?
Do you sway right and left
Like a drunken man?
Did you build your great big house
On weak and shifting sand?
Will you hold through the storm
Assaulting the land?
What will you call your home
If your home no longer stands?

Will that plumb line find you
Standing upright and true?
Or will it merely point out
The crookedness you pursued?
Watch closely, here it comes
Descending from the sky
Will you straight on meet it
Or will you run and hide?

Appropriate measures
Will be enacted
By the Master Carpenter
The One Who learned long ago
At His earthly father’s knee
Then he hung suspended
On a perpendicular T
Before ascending straight to heaven
To complete His destiny.

Now He is over qualified
To make an inspection
Of all the works of mankind
And discover the direction
Each and every one of us
Chose to build our lives
Gather all the projects
Give us His advice.
When you step before Him
And reveal your endeavors
All the bells and whistles
Pistons and levers
Planks and gears
You have worked on for years
What you tried to accomplish
With the tools you were given
Did you follow the Manual
The Words He had written
Outlining each step
To build the kind of home
Where He could step in
And say, My child, well done?

He is exacting
In everything He does
When it comes to contracting
He is the Best
We will never beat Him
From His Throne we can’t unseat Him
And we can never build
A Throne such as His
But if we pay attention
Get as close as we can
We can observe perfection
In His Promised Land
So let’s get ready
Finals are looming
We all have to take them
There is little time for rest
To pass or fail
That is the question
Let’s hit the Book
And study for the test!


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