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Another Lockdown; Saddled with even more Restrictions!

August 27, 2021 9:40 PM

August 27, 2021

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Psalm 118:8 (KJV)
It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man.

It is wise to listen to and trust every word the Lord gives us. We have a lot to read and follow up and through that the essential, short term warnings given are overlooked. Everything unfolding now is what the Lord told us before it comes, even last month.

It happened, not by calculation, I ran through what I saved along with other small doc. It is surprising to find out what the message given to our sister tells us.(

In this message we find:

“The world leaders are liars. Why believe them now? They know fully well that the double vaccinated people pose a greater threat to the unvaccinated than ever before. This is yet another phase of their NWO agenda plan. They have planned that those who have taken the vaccine should now mingle freely with the unvaccinated; shedding and transmitting their spike proteins and other contagions to the members of their society who have up til now withstood taking the vaccine.”

Is it not the same as what I posted last month

“The fully vaccinated, believing they are “protected,” spread the new Delta variant. THE FULLY VACCINATED SPREAD THE DELTA VARIANT, NOT AT THE SAME RATE BUT AT A MUCH GREATER RATE THAN THE UNVACCINATED. At least the unvaccinated protect themselves, not the vaccinated. That is the dynamics.”


It is important to read the message give to our sister again. Further more we read:

“This newly allowed so called freedom of living is only just another ploy of the enemy who will soon make another pronouncement that will result in not just another lockdown; but will be saddled with even more restrictions upon the people and their respective societies. Your governments and authorities will say they miscalculated the degree and strength of the variable covid virus strain that they have only discovered has furthered mutated and has resulted in an even more virulent strain being released; and as a result, further restrictions are essential in managing and maintaining this outbreak. They will say they were premature in theirmallowing you freedom to move about once again within your societies.”

See the data at the end leading to what is stated above-another Lockdown with more restrictions. We are well familiar with lockdowns and the consequences of that measure. What are the saddled more restriction?

Read this statement:

“FDA grants full approval to Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine

The US Food and Drug Administration on Monday granted full approval to the Pfizer/BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine for people age 16 and older. This is the first coronavirus vaccine approved by the FDA, and is expected to open the door to more vaccine mandates.

The Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine has been authorized for emergency use in the United States since mid-December for people age 16 and older. In May, the authorization was extended to those 12 and older.
Out of more than 170 million people in the United States fully vaccinated against Covid-19, more than 92 million have received the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine. Albert Bourla, the chair and chief executive officer of Pfizer, said the decision reaffirms the vaccine’s safety.

Our argument about the vaccine was the incomplete clinical trails and safety issues. Now FDA gave the approval and immediately this follows:-

“Pentagon makes Pfizer vaccine mandatory after FDA approval- memo
WASHINGTON, Aug 25 (Reuters) – The Pentagon on Wednesday ordered all active-duty service members to be vaccinated with the Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine days after the Food and Drug Administration granted it full approval.
In a memo seen by Reuters, the Pentagon ordered the military to start the process immediately but did not put a specific timeline on when it should be completed.
Earlier in the week it had said that such a move would be coming.
The U.S. military has said that around half the U.S. armed forces are already fully vaccinated, a number that climbs significantly when counting only active-duty troops and excluding National Guard and Reserve members.”

The major restriction following the FDA approval are to make the vaccine MANDATORY. Many more rsitrictions besides restriction in work places can be, such as travel, shopping, recreation etc.

The Lord has told us such constitutionalized mandatory impositions and restriction will create public unrest and revolt. The people will come out for their social liberties and the safety of their children and many questions about the vaccine.

Yes, in the same message the Lord has told us:-

Do not be deceived into believing that things are on track to return to normal. For truly I tell you this world is doomed to destruction. There is no return to normal. Now more than ever you must cling to Me and find anchor in My Word. Bring everything to Me in prayer and for blessing. Nothing of this world is safe; even the food you eat, the water you drink, and the air you breathe is corrupted. An explosion of evil intent has been released upon earth and all life is its target.”

Since the last postings of the progress of the Delta variant, as the data shows, what was foretold is unfolding even within short period of time.

These are the cases in the US (Source:-

M/D/Year Total cases Total Death Daily cases Daily Deaths
08/19/21 38,231,716 643,112 +154,846 +967
08/24/21 38,965,993 648,126 +144,687 +1,130
08/25/21 39,155,359 649,668 +169,847 +1,275
08/26/21 39,337,794 651,914 +165,687 +1,188
08/27/21 39,540,252 653,403 +190,221 +1,302

A one day case of 190,000 and a death of 1,300 is a question as to what tomorrow, next week or next month will bring.

The question now is:

1. Are we listening to the Lord?
2. What are the real number of the cases after vaccination? (in some places the rate of infections of the “vaxed” are said to be 5-7% )
3. What are the reasons and where are the data to trust the booster shots?
4. Who is accountable to risk brought to the children from adults who are “vaxed”?
5. What will be the reaction of the people to the constitutional mandate of the jabs and the jobs which are coming soon? (some states and places have already mandated the jab)

In all your life, Trust The Lord, not man!


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