By Michael Russo:

April 14, 2018


ISAIAH 21:11 – The burden against Dumah.
He calls to me out of Seir, Watchman, what of the night? Watchman, what of the night?”

THE HOUR OF THE TRUE WATCHMEN NOW RISE —— this is their sign. ——

In a night vision, I found myself resting in an area where people come to occasionally worship. Although I didn’t recognize where I was when I chose to lay down, I had decided to nap on what I perceived to be a pew bench up front in a court yard room. While resting, people started to gather as I woke to the strong smell of burned frankincense and myrrh.

While regaining my composure and focus, I noticed that it seemed as if those gathering including myself, were in Asia Minor somewhere in the Middle East. I also took note these were Orthodox Christians gathering to worship and hear from the Lord. As the leaders started to put on their robes for official service, to my right, a strong angel of the lord stood just out of everyone’s sight.

This angels presence bent the atmosphere dominating and taming any chaos and silencing any other voice. He begin to speak to me saying “ A NEW HORN (leader) WILL ARISE IN THE UK. ALSO TWO OTHER HORNS WILL RISE WITH IT. WHEN THIS HAPPENS 4 HORNS WILL ALSO JOIN TO COOPERATE. He continued – YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO UNDERSTAND THE FIRST HORN UNTIL THE NEXT TWO RISE, AND YOU WONT BE ABLE TO UNDERSTAND THE OTHER 4 UNTIL ALL THREE RISE.

As this angel finished speaking, the leaders knew heaven had visited. Although the leaders picked up vague bits and pieces of what was spoken they did not know what was said or what it was about.

Respectful to honor what ever was said they earnestly looked to one another as well as over the congregants to who also may have heard or witnessed the voice.

Though I was not directly part of their fellowship I humbly volunteered what I heard. As I spoke this message, there were 2 mature leaders who understood prophetically, and that this was a true word of the lord.

In a serious tone they moved quickly to contact their spiritually mature seniors who had already heard similarly from the lord. With an excited rush and fire flowing over their continuance, they too were waiting for confirmation and further instruction.

As I watched them making contact with one another a portal opened up between them as the Most Holy Spirit powerfully affirmed and unified the bits of Rhema and prophetic word together between them. Although it was not fully understood yet, it was an added more complete piece to what they had. It seemed what was shared with the elders, was more of the information they had been waiting on. Then the night vision ended.

In all honestly I had no idea what any of that meant a few days ago and after receiving this night vision, there was no war, there was no plan, there was no bombing in Syria. I honestly had no clue until recent events begin to unfold.

Though I may not be fully complete in understanding everything yet (as the angel said, would have to unfold first) I can tell you (in extreme part, in keeping to this point) that what is happening now is ultimately to back the powers and principalities away from Israel at this point and time.

Also I can tell you that France and the US were the two other horns rising to “front a standard” that goes beyond chemical weapons. But to make room for Israel.

“””in part””” I believe Israel is one of the other four leaders that will rise with this new standard and territorial alliance that pushes and holds the demonic governing powers and principalities at bay. This will include Russia and Iran

Michael Russo


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