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Angel showed 9 year old the coming Apocalypse – Anonymous

Angel showed 9 year old the coming Apocalypse

June 21, 2020 9:35 AM

Greetings to my brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus.
I wish to share a dream my 9 year old had on June 13, 2020

I was sitting on the bed in my room and saw a light coming towards me. I started wandering what type of light is this and saw a man working towards me. He told me he was an angel and I should not be afraid and follow him. I started following him and he took me to a place where I saw the angels of God fighting with the forces of darkness. There were beast that were also fighting in the heaven. I asked the angel where all these beast have been and he said that God has been hiding them in the Earth.

The angel took me to another place where I saw people hungry and looking for things they need (basic needs). They were praying to God to make life easy for them. He was showing me all these on a screen. Modified

The third place he took me to show me the things that will happen to the Earth. He told me there will be many earthquakes and many people will die. I saw balls that were hot like fire falling from the sky and anything they fall on will just melt if they touch anybody he will melt not even his bones will remain.

I was watching it like on a TV. I was afraid and asked him what of God’s children?  He then took me to a place still in the world where God has been hiding his children. Like caves and buildings that are hidden. I said okay then I asked him if the things that will happen in the world are going to happen to His children.

He said no and showed me another place where the sky started becoming ash then grey and before you know it,it was black and you could not see anything. I asked him if this will happen to the saints then he said that we should stay in our house and use thick black leather to cover our windows so that we will not see outside. He said that we should get light that use battery or candles. I asked him what about the light from electricity and he said that the electricity will spoil. He said that candles are better.  I asked him that what about his Children? He said they are safe in one place. He told me that it is the three days of darkness and his children will have light.

He took me to another place where the Earth turned upside down because the rocks will go under the ground and the sand will be outside. Many houses too were buried in the ground and many people died. Modified

I was amazed, I asked him that what about where God is hiding His children? He now told me that nothing will happen to them because God has carried them there to go and train them and we should be very careful and serve God very well because if that thing happens and we die, we will miss heaven and be punished. He said this is what he wants to show me and everything we do is being recorded. Where he was hiding His children had many gardens and fruit trees.
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