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An Urgent Call to Prayer!!!

Dec 19, 2019 7:11 PM

Today is 12.19.19. While at work on my break I was reading the recent 444ProphecyNews posts. Many of the messages were very strong and I felt in my spirit the need to pray for the lost. At some point I glanced at my computer and saw that it was 11:11. On my lunch I received this message.

My people, you have seen the warnings. You know of the coming devastation and destruction. BUT WHAT ARE YOU DOING ABOUT IT? Are you sharing this information with your friends, your families, your co-workers? Are you alerting them to the dangers that are beyond their understanding?
It doesn’t matter if they will not receive you. What matters is that you TELL THEM.

I am directing My people to pray as never before. I am requiring them to come before Me on bended knee and SEEK ME IN THIS HOUR! Time is short, I have already stated that. You feel helpless because you feel there is nothing you can do but you still can. YOU CAN PRAY!

Understand that you CANNOT PRAY AWAY THE JUDGMENTS which are to come, but you CAN PRAY TO LESSEN THE EFFECTS of the devastation and destruction. You can REBUKE THE EVIL that will come upon the earth. You must PUT ON YOUR ARMOR which is your defense against the strategies and wiles of the enemy. But as you stated daughter, MY WORD IS an offensive strategy that I have given you so that you may SPEAK AGAINST the coming torrent of death and destruction.

Many will die by the hand of the evil one and many will die by My Father’s hand because they did not REPENT OR TURN FROM SIN. But there is still much My children can do to bring down the Judgments to a lesser degree. Many of your loved ones will perish, your family, your co-workers. Does that not bother you? It should. These souls are in the dark and do not know what is coming. Many will be taken by surprise at the ferocity and horror of what awaits them.

PRAY MY CHILDREN! Come to Me on bended knee! Pour out what is in your hearts – the sorrow, the pain, the loneliness! I alone can fill the emptiness in your heart!

Let My Holy Spirit, the Ruach HaKodesh pray through you with groanings! Prayers avail much! Do not lose heart! NOW IS THE HOUR TO PRAY! Use ALL the weapons I have endued you with! YOU ARE MY MIGHTY ARMY and I Jesus will lead you into battle! I will be with you always!

Be Holy as I am Holy!

Pray for the lost! The hour is near indeed!

Seek My face, Seek My Word! SPEAK LIFE to those around you and DO NOT STOP even when you see the destruction coming upon the earth!

Wake up My children! Arise! This is your hour! This is your destiny!

Yeshua HaMashiach

Seek Me in the clouds of glory for I come soon My beloveds!

I come to gather My sheep into the fold!
Amen and Amen!


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