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An urgent 4 part dream I must share – Marcos


An urgent 4 part dream I must share

September 2, 2021 5:02 PM

Greetings everyone! I would like to share a dream with four parts that I was given yesterday, September 1st, 2021.

Part #1:
I was walking along a street towards a train station. Suddenly, I see a young person about my age walking inside the station. Then, without warning, the guy looked at me with a furious face and I knew he was vaccinated. I don’t know how, but he knew I wasn’t vaccinated and he began to chase me erratically through the streets. There was a lot of struggle in the dream as I was being chased by him. Then, at one point I was passing through a road, and a woman, whom I knew also had the vaccine, walked past us but she was not aggressive. She was wearing gym clothes, hearing music on her headphones and she was jogging on the street minding her business. She saw me and I looked at her as if trying to say: “PLEASE HELP ME! THIS GUY IS CHASING ME!”. But she did not care. In fact, I also realized that she was spiritually blind, and she wasn’t even aware of her surroundings. I have understood, because of personal dreams and words that God has given other people, that when people finally turn into zombies from this vaccine, it will begin to happen to only a few at first, but then, it will eventually take over all the vaccinated. When I reached the parking lot, I went to my car and stopped. Then, the guy also stopped and walked slowly past me. He spoke in a low voice, trying to persuade me to go follow him to his car. But I told him “NO, I WON’T GET IN YOU CAR”. When I heard him, his voice was weird and I realized that he was possessed. But when I tried to rebuke the demon he had inside, it did not work. That’s when the LORD made me known that no matter how much I rebuke it in Jesus’ name, it WILL NOT GO OUT FROM HIM, BECAUSE THE VACCINE HAS MADE THE DEMON PART OF HIM, (part of his DNA and his body, as I understood it). HE WILL BE POSSESSED FOR EVER.

Part #2:
I dreamt that the LORD took me to a place and He was showing me some information about a historical event in Europe. I was made aware that a rumor had spread over Europe that a certain country had undergone a political movement and became independent. Then I saw a map of Europe and flashes of people in the streets of a country. Then I heard that the country of Moldova heard of this rumor, and took advantage of the situation and, after protest and looting, it became independent. I saw another image superimposed on the Europe map, of people entering old stores and looting and police trying to stop them. But then the scene changed and I saw people out in the streets celebrating Moldova’s independence and they waved flags which were red, light blue, and yellow. I had the understanding that Moldova might have been a post-Soviet nation, but I was not sure.
After I woke up from the dreams, I researched if this was true, since I didn’t even know anything about a country named Moldova. After some research, I found out that all that I saw actually happened, and that Moldova was previously known as “Moldova Soviet Socialists Republic”, as it was part of the USSR, until the USSR fell in 1991 and they made the country independent. I realized that since this part of the dream was true, and of course it came from God and had historical evidence, then it means that the rest of the dream is also true, and yes, THE VACCINATED WILL BECOME ZOMBIES AND PERSECUTE THE UNVACCINATED. We must let the LORD guide us wherever we are, so He can protect us from the things He has said are coming.

Please see: https://the-masters-voice.com/2021/08/25/they-will-tear-you-to-pieces-august-25-2021/

Above is a post from the blog “The Master’s Voice”, of a similar dream which God gave to a sister in Christ I know. God gave me the dream after she shared hers on her blog, and I know that my dream is further confirmation of what the LORD has told her and many others as well.

Part #3:
I saw a map of the southern USA, and I saw a piece of land that looked like Louisiana in the Gulf of Mexico. I saw that the place that should be called Louisiana was called “Yukon”. Then I saw that a category 5 hurricane formed on top of the Yukon, and began to move westward inland, all the way up to Texas. I know that no hurricane can scientifically form inland. But in this case, God permitted a storm to form inland, and scientists were shocked! I saw the storm moving, and I knew that wherever the storm passed, it would leave NOTHING BEHIND, and Louisiana will become DESOLATE.

Part #4:
I was at another family member’s house and we had placed wooden panels in the windows and doors. We were all trying to shelter in because we knew it was too dangerous outside. Then I heard the news and saw a vision of a police tackling a person to the ground and I heard that the police had made it legal to tackle people to the ground and force the vaccine on them. Then I woke up.

I went back to sleep that morning, and had a very short vision, but still related to the vaccine. I saw a family member and his coworker and I know that in real life they are not vaccinated. Then I heard that there was going to be segregation in all workplaces, and those who did not have the vaccine, had to go work in a specific part of an office.

End of all dreams. God bless and keep you all safe! Amen.

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