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An Essential List from the Lord

June 29, 2021 6:23 PM
Amanda White

Dear fellow brothers and sisters in Christ~

I have felt a heaviness in my heart to provide information as to what the Lord has been warning me to prepare for since early 2020. Yes, economic collapse, famine, hyper-inflation and even stores beginning to shut down, electricity grid shutdown, gas stations and banks shutting down, eventually another lockdown and communism/socialism type of government protocols, severe weather disturbances/conditions and Christians being taken down as targets are all part of the warnings I have received for quite some time now. This, and so much more, has been shown to me for over a year now through dreams, visions and words that I truly believe come from the Lord.

Yet, no one gives initiative on how to prepare and therefore only claim we must “be prepared”. The Lord laid it on my heart pretty heavy to give a list as to what you may need to prepare for. This doesn’t mean he won’t provide if you do not obtain these items, or that you will not survive without them. This is just a rough draft in regards to what he has shown me is needed for upcoming events. However, HE WILL TAKE CARE OF HIS REMNANT- so please do not have fear or stress over these material items.

That is all they are, material items. The true glory rests in Him and Him alone. Please take this information to our Father in Heaven and ask Him to reveal to you what you need to do to prepare for your own family. The time is VERY NEAR from what I understand, given the Lord’s direction. But I will not relay to you a date, for only the Lord Himself knows the timing. Everyone’s situation will be different. Seek the Lord and share the gospel, harvest seeds for the glory of His Kingdom and repent of your sins- TRULY REPENT. He keeps telling me to start CLEANSING. Meaning He wants us to live a clean life as pure as humanly possible of any demonic oppressions that bother us daily. Rebuke and bind them in the name of Christ Jesus, plead the blood of Jesus over yourself, your loved ones and your dwelling. Rest in Him, for you are all protected if you truly trust our Sovereign King.

Here is a list I pieced together, given what I feel the Lord is telling me to prepare for. Please note, I am not a professional survivalist or any other legal council that can give you official professional advice on these items listed. I am just a Christian Messenger, sharing what the Lord is telling me to.

  • Bible & anointing oil
  • Mobile weapon(s) & their ‘ammo’ for self-protection purposes (even pepper spray can be utilized on a keychain)
  • Important prescription medications (refills if possible)
  • Some type of notebook and pencil to write down important words from the Lord, people giving directions or other necessary content to remember
  • A way to cook and its fuel- if it requires a fuel type- & utensils
  • Hygiene products
  • First aid, sterilizer and wound care supplies- do not discount those cold and flu meds, cough drops, imodium, dramamine, melatonin, some type of pain reliever or anti-inflammatory, allergy medication, vitamins, etc.
  • Warm clothes and sturdy shoes/boots for longevity during winter
  • Some type of generator or charger (i.e. solar, gas, batteries)
  • Some type of lighting that can run without needing actual electricity plugged into a socket
  • Gardening seeds for fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes, sugar, etc. and supplies to help them grow (green house, tarp, utensils, reusable ziplock type storage bags to contain them freshly, etc.)
  • Some kind of caffeine tablets, instant coffee and creamer, energy drink powder, etc. if needed in case you require the extra boost in strength and energy
  • Cleaning products
  • Ways to heat or cool. For myself, I will be bugging out on a piece of land up in the mountains 45 minutes away from the nearest little town- and it’s about 6,000 elevation so I will only need to heat. Since I will be in a forested area, I will have plenty of wood to start with to burn at least for the first winter. Think about your surroundings and seasons, and use them how you see best fit.
  • A hand sewing kit, in case your clothes get a rip or tear and you cannot just go to the store and buy a new pair of clothes.
  • Knitting, crochet and/or similar devices with yarn or other products for making types of clothes (like socks and shawls) and/or winter accessories. Instructional booklets and a variety of tools may be needed depending on what you plan to create given these emergency type situations.
  • Livestock if able, such as chickens for meat and eggs and their supplies
  • Some type of electrolyte powder or beverage, hydration amplifier, or similar nutrients to add to your water to prevent dehydration.
  • Some type of sugar or sugar tablets for those who have diabetes or hypoglycemia (or similar diagnoses)
  • A way to shower, or perhaps sanitary wipes. Bar soap comes in handy and is pretty cheap depending on the brand.
  • Survival manual, gardening/homestead books, your favorite devotions, healing herbal remedies, foraging or bushcraft manuals are all very helpful.
  • A toilet that doesn’t require plumbing, or shovel to dig a hole in the ground, if needed. Some form of toilet paper or toilet paper tabs.
  • A water source that doesn’t need to be pumped. Contaminating pumped water or just shutting it off may be in the foreseeable future.
  • An emergency blanket for severe winter conditions to decrease frostbite, hot hands for instant warmth is helpful.
  • A way to wash clothes without electricity. Think of washboards and other similar items of the like.
  • Spare tire, extra gas in gas cans, a car battery booster, items for an oil change and other similar products/supplies as needed
  • Tree spiles kit, depending on your geographic location
  • Pet food and supplies, of course only if you have a pet.
  • Rain poncho, rain boots, umbrella or other means to keep dry
  • Whistles in case you get lost from your partner/group, hand radios, walkie talkies or other type of non-phone communication methods
  • Fire starter powder, electronic reusable lighters that can be charged by a solar panel charger, rocket stove, etc.
  • Laminated maps with various routes and destinations accessible to these locations.
  • Bartering items in case the dollar completely crashes or you are out of money, yet have items to trade.
  • Tools, protective gloves, paracord, survival tactical kits, knives, etc.
  • Solar emergency crank radio
  • Snow chains/cables for vehicles, depending on your geography and plowing shovell.
  • Important identity and other similar documentation. I would suggest storing the absolute important papers in an easy carrying case that is waterproof and fireproof
  • Masks (for fires, gas and ‘pandemic’)
  • Emergency go-bags that are waterproof and contain crucial items for a bug-out situation. If you plan on meeting up with loved ones, make sure they do NOT share your location with anyone else who is not meeting up with your group. This will cause some major issues for your ‘clan’.
  • Long term food items for 6+ months. I am talking about freeze-dried foods, dehydrated foods, MRE’s and similar emergency food ration items that don’t all require water. You can also mylar-bag food yourself (like white rice, dry beans, dry pasta, etc.) with oxygen absorbers or dip cheeses in food-wax to make them last for years. Some people prefer canning or pickling to keep food for a couple years or so. Find a legit resource for this information if you decide to use this method for food storage in a safe manner. Don’t forget the spices. Your body will most likely go into shock without some type of salt and sugar in your system, if it has been in the habit of obtaining these daily.
  • Water purification & container supplies
  • Shelter or bug out location away from the big city/suburban areas already planned out. If there was an intense bug-out situation, you want to ensure everything is ready to go and just hit the road with your already known location in mind.
  • Cash, gold, silver, etc. type of money that does not require the usage of electricity or energy. Remember that banks utilize electricity to digitally see your account funds, and therefore will be unable to disperse money. Bitcoin and other similar online currencies will not be usable.. just saying.
  • For women:
  1. Reusable/washable sanitary pads and tampons
  2. Pregnancy tests
  3. Pocketbook calendar to track cycles
  • For babies/toddlers:
  1. Reusable/washable diapers and pull-ups
  2. Car seat
  3. Reusable/washable breastfeeding pads
  4. Extra formula and bottles (if not breastfeeding)
  5. Other essential items you deem as appropriate must haves, as each child is different. Binkies, burpee or other particular blankets or toys/teether, etc.

May the Lord be with you all in your upcoming journey. I loose the spirits of joy and peace to you all.

Matthew 28:18-20, John 6:43-69, 2 Timothy: 3 & 4

-Amanda White

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