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March 26, 2024 1:03 PM
Cherrie Archer

3-8-24 6:47am

Many have stocked up toilet paper! Why? Can it be eaten? Will it sustain man?

When the first round came in 2020 the evil one put the focus of mans existence on a product man uses daily, yet, is not life sustaining. Every household has extra toilet paper.

Extra food? Not so much. Food was lacking but not impossible to get. The enemy put mans focus on something that man can live without if necessary.

I tell you this, lack of food and water will kill man. This is coming.

Time is running out.

When the waters recede from the banks of the lakes, rivers, ponds, and oceans. When the clouds dry up and no longer produce moisture. When the sun beats down upon the land relentlessly, baking the land to splitting crusts. The people will look upon the freezing days of old as the good old days.

Prepare My child the water seen today will soon be gone. Many will die from lack.

Man is not prepared for what he is about to see.

In one hour the earth will open and devour entire rivers. Water sources will dry up with no hope of replenishing.

Man will pray for rain and he will not find it.

The celebrations of the April 8, 2024 eclipse will soon be turned to mourning as earthquakes shake the world.

Will man wake up and see that judgement comes? Will man repent?

The rebellion of man is astonishing. Man clings to the evil ones agenda like a life preserver, believing the lies, man is damned.

The evil one has taught man that My grace will cover all sin without repentance.

Without repentance there can be no forgiveness.

The evil one says there is no God, yet, he works to convince man that he Is ‘god’.

My word tells that pride goes before a fall. Yet, man, being deceived by the evil one, names an abomination “pride” and flaunts homosexuality, a sin, that takes man to hell.

Run from those who call dark light and light dark. The purveyors of evil lead many to hell while quoting scripture with a forked tongue.

Use discernment My child, the evil one wishes to devour you.


Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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