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An Encouragement – Hannah

An Encouragement

April 9, 2022 7:34 AM

Hello Beloveds of God, friends of the Father, my dear brothers and sisters!

This is perhaps a strange thing to post but I felt compelled to share… There are things that happen in our walk sometimes that are so intimate between ourselves and God it is almost too strange to try and communicate with others. In a way, it is similar to the physical joining of two flesh in a husband/wife relationship. What happens there stays private or is otherwise defiled and made “too much information” to ears that shouldn’t hear about this. I hope I am making sense, but sometimes, God reveals something simply to us as individuals, just for us. A secret kiss from Heaven if you will.

About a month or so ago I was in my kitchen just going about my business. I was in and out of chatting with God when I felt as if the Holy Spirit popped a song into my head. It was a secular song from one of my favorite bands from my teenage years. The Holy Spirit told me years ago not to listen to most music, but to “test every spirit” behind it all, even the so-called “Christian” music can be defiled. Anyways, I hadn’t heard this song in so long I didn’t even hardly remember the lyrics. So, after His prompting, I got on youtube and typed it in. I ended up watching the “official music video” and by golly I was blown away!!! Tears upon tears!!!

Some time has passed but this morning I felt like the Holy Spirit said “Go ahead and share with your brothers and sisters.” The song is called “Heroes” covered by The Wallflowers. Now, they re-did this song (originally performed by David Bowie) for the soundtrack to Godzilla. Their music video has clips of a girl walking through a chaotic, torn up city, while this giant lizard,Godzilla, is wreaking havoc on everything. Everyone is running around like chickens with their head’s cut off but she calmly and peacefully walks around as if she is untouched by the turmoil. Oh brothers and sisters, this video just wrecked my heart. This is how we shall be, God willing, when the chaos hits! We will be untouched! And my friends, the lyrics are so perfect. I would never promote secular music or film but this was a revelation, an encouragement from the Lord! If you feel inclined, go to youtube and watch The Wallflowers official music video for “Heroes” may it encourage you like it did me. There is in fact a giant lizard on the lose wreaking havoc upon our world! But when we are paired up with God “we can be heroes” in this darkness.

He wishes we “could swim as the dolphins can swim”, in the depths of His love. “He will be King and we will be queen.” And “As the bombs fall above our heads”, “we will kiss as though nothing could fall!”

Our time is coming and has come to stand, unshaken in our rightful place, we can be used, in unison with Him, as heroes, “for just one day.” Perhaps we were born for a time such as this!

Love and Blessings Beloveds of God,


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