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America’s judgement is set – Tess’s Time With JESUS

Tess’s Time With JESUS

October 8, 2018

Dear Lord Jesus do you have a message for us today? yes daughter I do
It is I the lamb of God that speaks to you this day Dear daughter of the most high tell my people the time to pursue me is now Children your God hears your prayers when you live a holy life set apart from the world I answer your prayers in my perfect timing and will This world only holds your demise and destruction why chase after a world that is fallen wicked evil sinful fleeting and temporary ??? My bride I ask you to seek me on your knees now more than ever before my children you should be listening to or reading the Bible every day as it keeps you in harmony with me your creator and it allows you to distinguish between good and evil according to my laws and my ways I am the way the truth and the life no man comes unto the father but by me I died for everyone and shed my blood so everyone could be reconciled back to the father and me the whole reason I died on the cross was to set my people free from the bondage of sin You are not saved by works my children but by grace through faith the only thing that can allow You entrance into my heavenly kingdom is being covered and washed in my blood Only those who’s named are written in the book of life will enter the only way you can be forgiven of your sins is if a perfect person without sin could take your punishment and die in your place I am the only one worthy to be praised for how much I suffered for my creation America’s judgement is set WOE UNTO BABYLON NORTH AMERICA I SAY WOE I WILL NEVER BLESS YOU AGAIN
My saints my bride it’s time to take up your positions in my kingdom move while your still here on earth your about to receive a new anointing and it will be the most powerful one yet prepare yourselves my loves for this great outpouring as evil and darkness increases you my end time warriors shine with the glory of your king I am the king of kings and lord of lords You are sons and daughters of Zion because you sincerely repent surrender submit to my will and live holy set apart lives I am coming for you do not lose hope I will return soon for you the time to make me your lord and savior of your life is now Much destruction terror and more judgements are coming pray that you will be counted worthy to escape these things and that you will be rescued I AM FAITHFUL ALWAYS I NEVER FAIL
Have I not called you my friends coheirs to my kingdom my brothers and sisters ?? You are not just my servants but my dear friends I am always with you no matter what you face in this life do not let go of my hand or lose focus of me it will all be worth it in the end great are your rewards my faithful little flock my faithful remnant The time to seek me with all of your heart is now Look up for your redemption draws near BEHOLD I AM COMING QUICKLY SAITH YAHUSHUA HAMASIACH JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARETH

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